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Insights of Sports and Fitness Apps Under the Pandemic: How To Retain Users After the New Surge?

Mar 24 2021

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In recent years, people's awareness of sports and health has been increasing, and the "marathon economy" is developing rapidly. The industry has also emerged a number of sports and health app with high portability, high social interaction and other advantages, is leading people to a new trend of healthy life. 

During the pandemic, people feel more "life is precious" and pay more attention to personal health than before, many people choose to use sports and health app to learn fitness courses, stretching, yoga, etc. at home. 

Some sports and health apps have also launched home exercise related operation activities, providing great convenience for people to exercise at home. What is the current operation situation of these sports and health apps, and how to do a good job of user retention and conversion?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, going to the gym and outdoor sports were discouraged, fitness apps helps people achieve their fitness needs while at home " home gyming" became the typical sports scene, the use of sports app became the norm, and new models of sports industry such as live fitness, online training, online events and online sales were generally welcomed, becoming a new sports fashion and showing strong consumption potential.

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Seizing the business opportunities of sports after the pandemic

The epidemic has brought crisis to some industries, but it has also brought business opportunities to some industries, and the "health" industry is growing against the market.

Prior to the pandemic, the consultancy Deloitte published its Global Healthcare Market Outlook 2018, which predicted that global healthcare spending would grow from US $7 trillion in 2015 to US $8.7 trillion by 2020 due to a growing and aging population, the expansion of emerging markets, and improved medical technology. After the pandemic, this year's figure is expected to be even higher.

One of the most popular products among consumers today is sporting goods that incorporate technology, such as wearable fitness equipment and smart fitness apps. When the epidemic eased earlier, many people switched to outdoor activities, and some mobile apps can be used with smart watches to record hiking activities in real time, including time and calorie consumption.

Case Study: How ASO World boosts sports app rankings with ASO solutions

For fitness and sports category app, a good title will not only help the to draw traffic, but also seize the opportunity in terms of ASO.

As we can see down below, one of our clients is running a fitness category app, with our help, the app ranked from 78th to 17th, the keyword in the title has more search power than the keyword domain Keyword, and the title should not be stacked with words, which can easily be rejected. Recently, many developers have been rejected for such reasons. Title try to use long sentences, avoid too many short words, to two long sentences is better. 

case study


At present, Apple allows 100 characters for Keywords, and since there is not much room to play with the title part, the word selection of Keywords needs special planning:

Keywords do not need to be separated by commas or semicolons, Apple will include them by themselves. The rate of inclusion of double words is greater than the rate of inclusion of three words. From the user's point of view, see as the user in the search, what words will be entered. You can refer to the keywords used by competing products for inclusion.

The words in the title and Keyword do not need to repeat, repeat does not increase the search weight, and also waste characters. Keywords can also be combined and extended with each other. Only when you submit a new version, you can modify the words in the title and Keyword, which need to be approved by Apple to be effective. The time cost is not small, so each version of the word needs to be careful.

Icons and screenshots

Icons and screenshots do not play a role in search optimization, but the role of the download conversion rate is large, which is commonly known as "absorption", the game development team is worth the effort in the icon.

Note: Icons and screenshots can only be modified when a new version is submitted.


I believe developers have reached a consensus on how important the number of positive APP reviews is. In addition to making players more eager to download, APPs with good reviews also tend to have higher search rankings.

The number of fitness app users is rising rapidly, user retention and conversion become the focus of subsequent operation work

With its featured product positioning and quality services, the sports and health app has gained a large number of new users and taken the lead in the market competition. However, the sports and health service industry is full of new products and the market competition is very fierce.

With the rapid warming of the weather and the resumption of offline gym operations, it is believed that many users who were used to going to the gym before will also move from online to offline for daily fitness activities. How to retain the new users in a realistic way has become the operation direction that sports and health app needs to focus on.

Three steps of sports and health app user: Increase retention, increase activity, increase conversion

For the current operation of sports and health apps, Personal Push proposes a three-step solution of "increasing retention, increasing activity, and increasing conversion" from data insight results, combined with its own user life cycle management concept and tools.

Increase retention, start with a good cold start for new users

New user cold start is an important part of app user operation. How to give new users a good "first impression" and make them like your product when they first enter the app?

At present, some sports and health app will guide users to fill in some basic information in the registration link, such as gender, age, fitness requirements (shaping, muscle building, fat loss), etc., in order to have a simple understanding of new users. How to understand more label attributes of new users, so as to create a service experience that can make them "fall in love at first sight"?

Sports and health app can use a third-party portrait service like Personal Portrait to quickly complete tags for new users to gain comprehensive insight into their needs and preferences. The rich dimension of "portrait" tags can help sports and health apps to provide 360-degree insight to new users from basic attributes, interest preferences, online preferences, offline scenes and other dimensions on top of the existing ones.

Sports and health apps use personal push user profile service to label new users to complete, so that they can quickly learn more potential needs of new users. For example, for a sports and health app featuring calorie management service, if we use the personal push user profile service to gain insight into new users with the existing tag attribute of "want to lose fat", and analyze that these users also have more significant preferences for take-out app usage, the app can accurately recommend such content as "take-out guide for fitness party" to these users, so as to meet their In order to meet their personalized needs in diet management and win their favor. In this way, the app's new user retention rate will also be greatly improved.

Promote active, accurate grasp of user needs is a prerequisite

However, "user retention" is not simply "making users stay". The silent users who don't uninstall the app but never open it are also a headache for the operators. To improve user activity, app needs to accurately grasp the needs of target user groups and continuously create value points for users.

Different apps have different product positioning and target user groups. Operation personnel can combine app's own data with the third-party user profile data provided by "Personal Image" to build a more three-dimensional and comprehensive user profile system, and conduct more in-depth analysis on the demand characteristics and interest preferences of target user groups to guide the subsequent product function optimization and operation strategy formulation.

Doing a good job of user insight is also conducive to improving the user reach effect of app. For sports and health apps that provide punch card function, based on the in-depth analysis of user behavior and portrait data, they can accurately push messages to users who have not punched cards for a long time and make targeted wake-up calls. Meanwhile, as the weather is getting warmer and warmer, sports and health apps such as Yueyun circle and Goudong, which feature running services, can seize this opportunity and use the "intelligent tag group push" and "scene push" functions of personal push message push to write pushing texts with different style and focus for runners with different characteristics and preferences and different scene needs, so as to further improve the wakeup effect.


Mention conversion, user payment behavior prediction is the key

At present, there are three main ways to commercialize sports and health apps: advertising, content payment and e-commerce sales.

For sports and health apps that use the advertising cash model, it is important to improve user activity. User activity is a data indicator that many advertisers pay attention to, and a highly active app is more competitive and has the right to speak when it comes to advertising.

In addition to advertising cash, content payment and e-commerce sales are also the commercial real estate methods used by the sports and health app. Whether it is content payment mode or e-commerce mode, the user's willingness to pay and ability to pay are the key points that need to be grasped when app improves commercial conversion. Personal data also provides insight into the consumption level and city distribution of sports and health app users.

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