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How to Tailor the Most Suitable ASO Plan for Your App?

Apr 19 2021

make customer a tailored plan

To make a good ASO plan that best suits the client, the most important thing is to understand the client's needs.

Although the ultimate goal of all customers is to improve user conversion rate and product profitability, there will always be some aspects with different requirements, such as the keywords customers want to cover, the keywords they want to optimize, what kind of effect they want to achieve, the budget control range, whether it is flexible and so on.

According to the customer's specific actual plan to tailor a reasonable implementation of the program on the ground. So there are commonalities and characteristics of ASO solutions.

How to conduct the ASO project that the client asked?

First is the content of the optimization program. Mainly divided into two parts, one is the analysis of the current plan of the product, a specific optimization program, including word selection, volume, hitting plan, punching plan, etc..

Of course, company introduction, competitive advantages, team composition, success stories and other content can be added appropriately, including some industry dynamics, recent changes and other features, depending on the differences in customer demand and other circumstances, will be increased or decreased.

The following analysis of the current plan of the product and the specific optimization program to briefly explain.

Analysis of the current plan of the product

The current plan of the product is mainly analyzed from three dimensions, namely "keyword coverage", "list situation", "comment rating situation". These three points are important factors to examine the weight of the product, but also the focus of attention of CPs.

Through the consideration of these three points, the product can be compared with competing products to reflect the gap between the products and the size of the optimization space.

Keyword coverage

The total keyword coverage of the product, the coverage of TOP3/TOP10, and the words with hotness above 6000+ (i.e. hot words) can directly affect the exposure rate of the product. At the same time, keywords should not only focus on quantity, but more importantly, quality.

If the keywords covered by the product are less relevant to the product, or the industry words vertically related to the product are not covered, even if the words covered are hot again, the conversion rate is more difficult to improve.

Therefore, the product keyword quantity quality both hands to ensure that the product keyword coverage optimization to achieve the best results.

The change of the list

For the products that are behind the list, the list is unstable and not in the list, mainly because the number of keywords covered by the product is low, the active users are low, the product weight is low, and there is more room for optimization for such products.

List ranking occupies an important position in the product weighting, and proper promotion of list ranking can improve the product conversion rate and obtain certain new

Review rating situation

Recently, there are products with low review ratings, and the number of keyword coverage is decreasing.

It can be seen that Apple has adjusted the weight of the review rating, and the review rating is also an important consideration when users choose to download the product.

Specific optimization plan

After the analysis of the current plan of the product, based on the analysis of the product diagnosis results, we will start to develop a specific optimization plan for the product.

Keyword optimization

For small factory products with less keyword coverage (less than 1000), the first task is to modify the localized language (100 characters) to improve the product keyword coverage.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as niche products, for a small and relatively specific user groups, vertical users are more concentrated in a small part of the region, such products only need to cover the industry's most core industry words can be, the product's core industry word optimization ranking to the top three will be able to achieve a certain conversion.

For keyword coverage of more mature products, it will enter the phase of word selection and optimization. According to the current keywords covered by the product, product content and the product's crowd portrait, user group positioning to select the keywords need to be optimized.

General words include industry words, competitor words, related words, content words, etc. Optimize industry words and competitor words with the best effect in the early stage, choose industry words with high relevance to the product and competitor words with a certain amount of effect, and optimize the target to within TOP3 to increase the weight of the product and bring more new users.

The estimated volume of different keywords differs from industry to industry, and the volume of the same hot words is vastly different.

  • Such as the difference in the industry: a health class and education keywords, the same 6000 + heat, the same hit to the TOP3 position, the former only 500-800, the latter 3000-4000.

  • Again, such as the difference in time: a travel product in the holidays, summer and winter, the peak travel period hit the volume level is more than twice the usual.

Therefore, for ASO marketers, always pay attention to the major application market adjustment changes, as well as the competitive changes in various industries, including dynamic current events, and make timely and corresponding adjustment strategies.

For the estimated volume table in the program, it will also indicate that the actual volume of placement will be increased or decreased according to the change of heat, competition, App Store update time and the number of keywords and their volume according to the placement effect.

The main strategies are:

  • Testing placement in the early stage and quality screening according to the data results of the test.
  • Mid-term ranking for high-quality phrases to a large number of stable placement, to increase the weight of the product.
  • Later, according to the change trend of the list, the volume will be gradually reduced and stabilized.

On the issue of natural band volume is the focus of concern for the A dads, for CPs ROI analysis is very important, which is an important consideration in choosing the channel.

According to experience, the general hotness of the word 6000 + natural carry volume in about 800-2000 (different industries, different time, carry volume effect varies), of course, the natural carry volume is also related to the quality of the package, the product does well, even do the task of the integral wall users will retain the product to become active and loyal users, who said they are not a potential customer base.

When doing ROI analysis in the program, in addition to the keyword carryover, there is also the carryover of the list (the general game class products are relatively more concerned about the punch list), the formula is as follows.

The actual CPA price = (CPA placement volume × unit price) ÷ (CPA placement volume + estimated keyword volume + estimated list volume)

Combined with the formula to calculate the estimated customer acquisition unit price, as well as product optimization advantages, is one of the highlights of the program, and is also one of the most concerned about the A dads.

For customers who need to rush the list, they can also make a plan to rush the list. The volume needed to reach different chart positions will be different, and the volume of the dimensional list should be made according to the actual budget situation, and specific analysis is needed for specific products.

The timing also needs to be reasonable according to the point in time when the list changes to make the rush list. The actual volume level is lower than the planned volume level, which greatly saves the cost of the customer and maximizes the benefit.

Product aesthetics

After talking about the content, let's talk about the aesthetics. Some people say aesthetics is important? Optimization and not to do design, is it necessary? My answer is important, and very important. The reason is simple: this is a world of faces.

"For optimization, the easiest and most intuitive way is to pick a color similar to the product ICON as the main color of the PPT, and for most products, the main color of the ICON is the main color of the product.

In the face of the stormy Apple app market or google play, we have to actively respond. We should observe more changes in the market volume and understand the relevant information of each channel in many aspects. Program more do more practice, practice makes true knowledge. Practice makes perfect, this is a constant truth, no matter what you do.

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