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How to Obtain Apple's Favor and Get Your App on The Editor's Choice of App Store?

Apr 22 2021

iOS store editors choice


According to statistics, 80% of iPhone users will use keyword search to download the APP they want, but the APP on App Store editor's choice gets far more downloads than the 80% that are scattered by various keywords.

So how should a good app get App Store editor's choice and make it to the app of today?


Since the iOS version iteration, App Store update online, Apple has reduced the weight of the ranking, and significantly increased the value of Apple's editorial recommendations, for the majority of Content Provider, app developer, how do we get Apple's favor?


Apple's editorial recommendations


Apple editor's choice

According to the current statistics of ASO World, the App Store has more than ten million apps, among which there are not a few apps that are excellent. Apple has set up a special editor's choice team, which is responsible for recommending the latest and best apps to users.

However, not every good app can be found by Apple editor's choice, so developers need to self-refer their own apps to apply.

It should be noted that the recommendation position is not sold to the public, and the business of "selling Apple's best recommendation position" on the market is not highly credible (even if some people claim to know Apple editors or have related resources).

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What has changed after getting recommended by Apple?

According to Sensor Tower, since the launch of the new version of the App Store, there has been a corresponding increase in user "browsing downloads" compared to "search downloads".

In the first 4 months of the new version, about 10% of downloads were from browsing downloads. After the change, the percentage of browsing downloads exceeded 15%.

Although the percentage of browsing downloads declined after the excitement of the new version, the average percentage of browsing downloads is still higher than the average before the new version.

To date, thousands of apps have been recommended by Apple's editors, and some apps that have been recommended have risen rapidly in the charts and received a significant number of downloads.

The most exciting thing is that several apps were poorly ranked before today's recommendation, and they did not even enter any list. But after being recommended, they shot up to No. 1, such as ICEY, Folding Fan, and Art of War Red Tide.

Apptopia has calculated 30 days of data and found that both apps and games will see an explosion of downloads if they are successfully recommended by Apple. There was once a record of a 2172% increase in the number of downloads for a particular recommended app.

However, there are also exceptions.

For example, the app "Day one Diary + Notes" was recommended by Today 6 times, however, it seems to be of no use, there is still no chart ranking after the 1st/4th/5th recommendations. The desperate thing is that after the 3rd/6th recommendation, the ranking dropped instead of rising.

There are 50 apps that never enter any list after being recommended by Today, among which the sticker category seems to be the most unpopular among users, accounting for 58.7%, followed by health and fitness (10.9%), education (8.7%) and entertainment. It is suggested that Apple's editors should stop wasting precious recommendation resources on these apps.

But surprisingly, there are several apps were actually taken down from App Store after today's recommendation.

Apple's official requirements


On the official Apple developer website, there are some textual instructions on how to be selected for the featured recommendation, excerpted as follows.


App store featured recommendation


As you can see, Apple has first set requirements for the "storytelling" of applications, and has given more detailed requirements for apps and games.

But the problem is that these standards are not quantifiable, and content providers cannot specifically measure whether their own products meet the requirements.


requirements for apps and games


getting featured


What is the experience of the featured app?


According to the news of the team members who have got the app of editors' choice, the app developed by the team got the first page recommendation of App Store on the same day. Their analysis of this is.


  • This is recommended by Apple editor spontaneously, the team did not seek App Store recommendation and exposure by any improper means.
  • Large companies have enough funds to do R&D and market exposure, so Apple prefers to recommend the excellent products of small developers, so as to ensure the survival of small teams.
  • Another reason why small developers can be recommended is that they can study the latest, even crash-prone new technologies, so Apple can perceive the stability of new technologies faster from small developers, and recommend their products to help Apple verify the practicality and stability of the technology itself.
  • Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of being recommended, then pay attention to the new technologies at WWDC each year and then apply the new technologies to your own apps.
  • If you have enough confidence in your own app, then you can self-recommend it to Apple team.


What other factors are likely to affect the chances of being recommended?

The following statements are publicly available online.

  • High quality

Whether an App can be recommended, the most important and fundamental point is still to see whether it is good enough.

Smooth experience, less bugs, unique game plot and gameplay, high level of graphics and sound effects are all plus points of an app, and user comments and ratings are also indicators to reflect the quality of an app.

  • Design

Apple's requirements for product design are quite high, so we see that the recommended apps are well designed. Not only the internal elements of the app should look good, but also the impression in the App Store - icons, screenshots and video previews should have "high value".

  • Innovation

Apple encourages the innovation of App, and I prefer to recommend creative and unique App, which can provide vitality for the whole ecology of App Store.

  • Please Apple

Of course, Apple loves the App that can support its own latest features and spares no effort to give recommendations.

After the fall 2016 launch, the App Store changed to new 3D Touch, Siri and other 4 new features topics, which brought a lot of exposure for these loyal developers. In addition, the games that support Game Center have a higher recommendation rate.

  • Apple first launch

Apple considers those developers who release their apps in iOS first (compared to Android) to be respectful of Apple, and is more willing to communicate with these developers and provide referral positions.

  • Localization

Apple's global editorial team in charge of specific regions will select recommended content based on local characteristics (such as culture and customs), and an App is more likely to attract the attention of the editorial team after a good localization can be implemented for a certain region.

  • Special festivals

Before and after festivals, special periods (such as school season) and major events, the editorial team will focus on recommending relevant products.

Apps with high relevance to these special nodes are more likely to be recommended, and if the products can modify icons, update relevant functions and launch relevant activities, the probability of being selected will be increased.

  • Non-popular industries

In addition to games, Apple respects education, business, tools and other products that can improve efficiency and quality of life, and these less hot partitions will be given a fixed proportion of recommendation.

"Beaker" and "Tenon" are two creative educational apps, which have been recommended for many times. In addition, children's apps are also very popular with editors.

  • Update

Most of the recommended apps are newly launched or have just been updated.

  • Storytelling

As we know, Today mainly uses text story combined with video and pictures to introduce an application, so if your app or game is "story", the chance of getting recommendation will be significantly higher than your peers.

How to apply for Apple Editor's Choice

The editorial team's work power is limited in the end, especially in front of the App Store's million-level app volume, it is difficult to select all the excellent apps for recommendation.

Therefore, developers need to self-refer to Apple for the opportunity (provided they have enough confidence in their products), and for Apple editorial team, self-referral can also reduce part of their workload.

Self-nomination is usually in the form of sending a self-nomination letter, and the following are some of the contact information related to self-nomination.

Self-nomination email address:


[email protected]

This is the email address Apple will use to process those referral requests

Self-referral address:



Personal contact information for the editorial team

An easy way to find the editorial team is to search for App Store Manager on LinkedIn and select Apple in the [currently employed] section, or check the region box for the United States if necessary, so that the editorial team can be easily found. In addition to LinkedIn, you can also try searching on Facebook and Twitter.



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