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How To Make Your App Stand Out In App Store And Google Play

Apr 29 2021

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In today's competitive Internet world, where products are becoming homogenized, how do you make users choose your app when they do, and have you ever thought about why they choose your product?

Perception of the product

As products are becoming more and more homogeneous, to make users choose you among millions of apps, the first thing you need to do is to

App Store

After each app is developed, it needs to be put on the app store. The most mainstream application stores are Google Play and App Store, after the app is put on the major application stores, through ASO optimization, brush volume, brush comments and other ways to improve the app ranking in the application stores.

Media recommendation

There are countless apps, but good apps will always be unearthed by technology media platforms. Every app is born to help users use their cell phones better, to facilitate people's life and daily life, and to help users filter out those excellent apps.

Another form of fine recommendation is actually business cooperation. Many technology, mobile marketing and information websites provide business cooperation business for developers, and it is actually a good choice to use business cooperation to promote your app.

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Attract users

The methods mentioned above just let your users know your existence, as for how to attract users to you, you still need to rely on the product.


For the app is the same, the user first know the name of the app, and then will go to understand this app.

In the app name setting, you can set an eye-catching name, these interesting names can quickly attract the users to try. And if your APP is a moderate application, you can name it with a simple and easy to understand name, users will know what your App is doing at a glance.

Functional Highlights

When users choose a product, in addition to being attracted by the name of the product, there may also be attracted by the function of the product.

The very hot social Snapchat, when exploring the features that suit their product, launched Snapchat Spectacles, glasses that can record short videos, which users can wear, record videos and upload them to their Snapchat instantly.

The setting of the App name and the highlight of the function become the reason for users to choose you to a great extent. It is worthwhile to make efforts from these two points to find more users for your App.

Loyal users

Rewards and user incentive systems can certainly keep users in one place for a long time, but the users cultivated in these ways will not be very loyal. How about starting from the following two points to cultivate users' loyalty to the app.

User relationship

In WeChat, instagram and other socially strong products, there is a function to connect the address book, used to help users to open up the user's acquaintance social relationship.

While in the more community-based products such as facebook, it will recommend interested people for users to help them build stranger relationships, and both stay in the same place because of the same interest and finally become real friends.

The social relationship mentioned here refers to the relationship between the operation and the user, the relationship between the user and the friend, and the social relationship built between the user and the stranger. It is the existence of these social relationships that makes users stay.

User value-added

During various holidays, all major apps will start doing their own marketing activities. Email inboxes receive a lot of emails, and users need to manually delete or close various notifications throughout the day.

Merchants use every way to do marketing, but too much marketing information is already a nuisance to users. Now is the era of refined operation, operation to do, is to weed through, the user most want to get the information pushed to the user

To make users like your app, it needs a process, from awareness to choice to really love you, each link is inseparable from user operation.

Collect feedback

Make sure you’ve created an area where your customers can leave their comments. You’ll know what you should improve to keep via their comments. In this case, encourage the appearance of user-generated content in social media. 

However, carefully read the reviews of your app and critically estimate their relevance. Avoid fake reviews as they both mislead your understanding of your mobile app’s true value and may result in a total ban in both stores!

Make the most out of stats available from stores. Look at the sections that mention when your app was last updated and how many times it has been downloaded. 

For Google Play, you can also use the benefits of integration with Google+ to collect users’ emotions and “+1” (an analog to Facebook’s “Like”). 

These stats will help you understand the popularity of your app and the need to change your marketing strategies for it.

Spread the word

After finishing your app, let your potential customers notice it! Use your website and social media as the speaking-trumpet to attract your users. In this case, consider the strengths of each social network in your promotion. 

While using visual materials and hashtags is the key strategy on Instagram, Facebook is more effective in collecting the reactions of the audience. For any platform, use the “one click” rule for users to download your app immediately after seeing the offer in social media.

At the same time, just posting a link is not enough. To make your promotion more effective, think of ads, paid installations and built-in apps. Social media contributes to the success of your mobile app’s marketing. 

So don’t concentrate on text only and use image and video app installs ads. Also, you can add Call-to-Action visual sample. 

For instance, Evernote’s “Remember Everything” CTA in brand’s green and white colors is the great way to introduce users and share the core idea of this mobile app.

At the same time, avoid using only hard sale approach while communicating with your audience. Think of valuable content for your users, include tips, informative articles and educational materials. Use the potential of social media not only for marketing but also for building fan base for your app.

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