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How to Improve your Mobile App Social Media Management with Social Media Marketing Trends into 2021

Mar 15 2021

Social Media Marketing


Over the past few decades, the Internet has grown exponentially and has become the most indispensable tool for people to socialize.

In the past year or so under the pandemic, social media has seen many new changes. In the face of the fragmented information era and the massive influx of mobile applications, the consumer path is gradually derived from the one-way conversion in the traditional advertising period to a double-loop model of marketing in the social media environment.

Instagram hiding the number of likes, Twitter banning political ads, and Facebook placing more emphasis on community - these are just a few of the many developments in mainstream social media in recent years. With the new year upon us, let's take a look at what new marketing trends are emerging in social media.

Therefore, the challenge facing business today is not only how to choose marketing methods, but more importantly, how to accurately choose promotion channels and produce effective marketing content.

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What is the right social media platforms for your business?

Today, more and more social media sites have emerged, all of which are trying to become the most popular social media, and many of them are even aiming to beat Facebook. However, with over 2 billion users logging in every month, Facebook is still a tough task to beat.

It is a social information era now, more and more information comes from social media, people no longer only focus on news and search channels, so how to use social media to spread word of mouth has become the focus of attention.

In the past, when a company wanted to launch a product, it would promote its product through some channels or advertisements, and users who needed to buy it would buy it. As social media is more and more developed, more and more companies pay more attention to user word-of-mouth communication, maintain the first batch of seed users, loyal users, through their word-of-mouth communication, social media communication to get more users, and then to lay channels to do the market. 

There is a wide range of social networks that you can be on. However, unless you have limitless resources to design a specific strategy for each of them, it will be very difficult to be present on all of these platforms and maintain quality.

Just with a quick search on the Internet, you can discover which social networks are the most popular and where users are more active. Still, the most important factor is to research and find out where your target audience is. Growing your presence on two or three of these social networks will bring you great benefits without wasting your efforts on less popular platforms amongst your prospective customers.

Analyze your digital strategy

Long-distance runners can't improve their times if they don't know which marks to beat. The same happens with social media: if you don't track your results, you can't improve.

The analysis should be present at each step you take to accomplish your goals. It is the instrument that will guide your progress towards the right direction. So, always reserve time for this task, never neglect it, this is the only way you will make sure you are not deviating from your goals and you are ready to adapt quickly to any unforeseen circumstances.

Monitor the growth of your community closely and see how they react with your publications. Plus, you can understand the impact of your content through engagement, interactions, reach, and impressions.

So, all this information will help you get a good overview of how your strategy is working, which areas need to be improved, and which changes you can implement. Keep doing it and your social media strategy will work like clockwork.
Products, user relationships and social media

The product is the core, focus on maintaining user relationships, and make good use of social media.

First of all, we must ensure that the product is useful, good, and continue to improve the user experience. Efforts to exceed user expectations, this is very important, even if not immediately can do to follow up to improve to do, which is also the basis of the latter link.

To focus on user relations. User relationship is also quite special, before this many companies feel that the product sales are finished, he did not mention the user relationship to the strategic level to pay attention to, in fact, this direction is set, the implementation is relatively simple, is more communication with the user, focus on refining the user feedback.

Make full use of social media. Social media, we have to do content-based, treat the material as the lifeline, open more user participation nodes, and focus on the design of interaction.


Social media shopping will become mainstream

Users can select and purchase clothing and jewelry seen in posts directly from within the platform without having to jump to the app.

The integration of social media and shopping ads reduces the disconnect between users swiping posts and placing orders, and the social commerce model provides a more seamless shopping journey for users.

In addition to Instagram, other overseas social media are also integrating this commerce feature within their platforms. facebook has launched a store feature, Pinterest has gone live with "Shop the look Pins", and Snapchat's "Shop and Cop".

Choosing the right social media KOLs can have a greater impact than ever before, and in the social commerce model, brands should re-strategize the selection and placement of KOLs.

In social media platforms, these KOLs are the showcases for brands' products. KOLs that fit with the brand will win the trust of consumers and even have the right to influence their tastes and preferences.

Social media and UGC explore the real needs of users

The overwhelming marketing content in social media makes consumers very cautious. If an ad keeps screaming "buy, buy, buy", users will ignore it out of disgust.

But users still have real needs and are interested in personalized content - that's why we need communities and original user content (UGC).


In 2019, Facebook announced that the platform experience will shift around Groups and Events. The platform now has a Groups portal on the home page and in the middle, and content from Groups will be given priority exposure in the feed.

Build a community for your target audience

If a brand chooses to run an overseas social media operation on Facebook, the company should immediately start building a Facebook group to develop a community of fans with high interaction rates.

How do you attract more people to join this community? One simple way is to find commonalities among consumers (e.g. women who love to travel freely, entrepreneurial people, freshers looking for a job) and create a group around what they care about most.

People who join the community can benefit from the community by sharing their experiences and tips with more people who have the same needs, which also increases community stickiness.

When your company's products and services are packaged in a way that adds value to the community, your target audience will be more likely to believe your words.

In 2020, user-generated content (UGC) will become an important part of brand content marketing.

Using fans' original content to promote your own brand can help users perceive brand value in a more subtle way.

Invest in UGC management tools on the social media side, however, collecting, organizing and publishing original user content is not as simple as one might think.

Large-scale and strategic use of UGC needs to be automated from the method ontogeny, with UGC management tools to rationally convert earned media into owned media output.


Data-driven marketing -- use of social listening to continue to grow


In a climate of evolving media intelligence, data-driven marketing is on the list every year.

As social media platforms are the best medium for brands to spread word-of-mouth, there are countless data goldmines waiting to be tapped. As social listening and analytics technologies become deeper and more systematic, brands are seeing higher ROI on social media listening year after year.

In fact, today's social listening analytics tools have taken a quantum leap forward. In addition to the most basic voice measurement, sentiment analysis and buzzword maps, they can also provide more in-depth consumer insight reports.

ASO World helps brands use social listening data to analyze their target audiences and break them down into segments based on their level of relevance, thus providing brands with deeper insights through their commonalities.

Consumer insights reports help brands understand their audience's internal buying mindset and what ultimately drives them to buy products, helping them better engage consumers.

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