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How to get more keyword installs for app and promote the app ranking safe?

Dec 15 2020

After long development progress, when a new app is launched to the app store, developers are immediately faced with how to safely improve the ranking of the app, how to quickly gain more exposure, and thus get more Keyword installation and organic search users. Researching the algorithms of Google Play Store and iOS App Store, we know that the number of keyword installs is the key factor that may quickly and effectively affect the ranking of the store lists. The experts of ASO World continue to upgrade and optimize related services through research on algorithms, and also give our suggestions for keyword optimization strategies. You can follow our guide here to start the first promotion campaign, and quickly improve the application’s ranking & visibility in the store safely.

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What is ASO search optimization?

ASO search optimization-App can be found and downloaded by real people searching keywords, which can improve their ranking in the app store by keyword search results. When the App needs to optimize a certain keyword, for example, Facebook wants to improve the ranking of the user's search keyword "social media", it can be achieved through the Offer Wall.

What do search results mean? What does the search ranking mean?

Search results refer to the total number of all APPs in the search results of a certain keyword.
Search ranking refers to the position of the APP in the search results of a certain keyword in the application market, starting from rank No.1.

What does search volume mean?

The number of downloads brought to APP through search can generally be estimated by keyword popularity and APP ranking. Data shows that about 65% of downloads in the app store are brought by keyword searches.

Different keyword rankings bring different levels of magnitude. The top three keywords share 90% of organic traffic. Apps that rank out of the Top10 in search results have few downloads from users.

The app store’s search traffic diversion ratio is rough as follows: the first accounted for 60%, the second 20%, the third 10%, and the remaining 10%.

ASO World app ranking service

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ASO is divided into basic ASO optimization and intervention ASO optimization.

1) Basic ASO optimization: mainly by operating titles and keyword tags to improve keyword coverage and ranking; icon, screenshot, description, and other optimizations also belong to basic ASO optimization, which aims to increase purchase conversion rate;

2) Interventional ASO optimization: It is mainly through the targeted behavior of Apple ID (search keywords-click-download-ratings) to achieve the increase of rankings, keyword rankings, and comments.

All interventional ASO operations are based on Apple ID. Generally speaking, the Offer Wall, Data Scribe by the real person, Data Scribe by multi-machine, and Script Scribe are all using different methods to operate the Apple accounts to achieve directional behavior, so as to achieve the directional effect.

How many downloads do I need to purchase to get the best results for my application?


According to the summary of our test results, the proportion of downloads you can expect is rough as follows: the daily downloads amount of the #1 search keywords are equal to 65% of this keyword’s search volume multiplied by ranking weight 60%; the second keywords' ranking weight are 20%, the third keywords' are 10%, and the remaining are 10%. 


Therefore, we have summarized a rule for reference: downloads = search volume * 65% * ranking proportion. The detailed amount you can looking for the downloads expectation in the image below.

keyword installs suggestion

Do I need to buy some ratings and reviews together when I purchase downloads, and how much do I need?


At present, the app store reviews have a certain weight on the ranking of the app, so it is recommended that users add ratings and comments. 

It is recommended to follow the ratio: 100 installations + 15 ratings + 5 comments.


How to set up a promotion project in the background of ASO World?


Experience comes from every project practice. You can follow our explanation to start your first promotion campaign now.

How to add a campaign on the ASO World Dashboard?

Add new campaign

To login into the account on ASO World platform and upload your application, and begin your first promotion campaign. You will find the “Add Campaign” page and enter the information one by one as the image above.
Add ASO campaign

You can set the detailed order items step by step, and start your promotion with one click.
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