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How to Do ASO Optimization from The Basic?

Mar 18 2021




We need to understand what is ASO, it which is the promotion method of using App Store search rules and ranking rules to make the app easier to be searched or seen by users, usually what we call ASO refers to keyword ranking optimization. ASO optimization for Android also includes the optimization of App's download and comment count.

IOS and Android are accounting for 15% and 85% respectively, and the market share of Android cell phones has been increasing in recent years. iOS is mainly the Apple App Store, and the Android application market is Google play, and the rules of each application market are different.


In App Store and App Store, more than 70% of the channels for users to search for App come from keyword search, and the top ranking position can get more exposure opportunities, divide more traffic in the market and have higher conversion rate.

Each element of the product detail page is an important factor to drive users to download, and the new version detail page also provides more display space and content to the app, which are the key to motivate users to download the app.

The ultimate goal of any iOS promotion is the number of downloads, activations, retention rates, purchases, and real conversions in front of you, not just the amount you get.

What we need to think about is, what impact do the updates of subtitle, review, description, app preview have on the conversion rate? We know that videos are good, screenshots are effective, and good descriptions lead to more conversions, but what kind of videos and descriptions lead to what kind of boosts and conversions?

App Name

Choose a simple, easy-to-remember name, easy to spell, and a title that suggests what the app does and how it is different. Avoid using generic words or names that are too similar to existing App names. Limit the length to 30 characters.

The previous version of the App name was 50 characters long, but now it has changed to 30 characters, requiring a more concise and memorable name. But the overall is not much changed from the previous version.


The subtitle is limited to 30 characters, and it is displayed under the app name. It is used to briefly summarize the app and guide users to the product page or download in a concise way. Avoid generic descriptions such as "World's Best App". A subtitle is recommended to highlight a distinctive feature or typical use of the product. You can test different versions of the subtitle at different points in the app's life cycle.

In the new version of App Store, subtitle is a new item. Subtitle can only be changed when the version is updated. By shortening the name characters and adding a new subtitle item, this change helps users get more information to understand when browsing the app, and the subtitle is like an advertising slogan, which can play the role of promotion and guidance, and help guide the download. That's why subtitle optimization is important.

For big brands that are deeply popular and want to change users' impressions of you, you can enhance subtitle optimization. For new apps, how to attract users' attention, you can find another way to take a different route. What kind of subtitle is more attractive? Good headlines are fluent yet contain core words, indicate product features or functions, or resonate with the audience emotionally.


ASO World app ranking service



Icon is important not only for the first impression of the user, but also for the impression of the Apple editor. The visual image of the icon and the overall UI will allow the Apple editor to form a preconceived and intuitive impression. It is important to optimize the design of the icon, but it is more important to test the impact that the icon optimization has on the user.

Make sure the icon is legible at all sizes and avoid adding unnecessary visual details.The icon icon is the first impression the user will have of the app and it will convey the quality of the application. It is recommended to create a simple, recognizable icon and try to test different options to determine which icon will have the most impact on the target audience.

App previews video

The video is increased from 1 to 3 before, in addition to the length, the size is not more than 500MB, too large will be compressed, and affect the effect. Preview videos are used to demonstrate App features, functions and UI, and users can watch the videos directly on App Store, and the preview videos can be up to 30 seconds long. The new version of App Store can display up to three videos. The video is first in the preview, followed by the screenshot. The app preview plays a silent video while the user is viewing the product page, so make sure the first few seconds of the video are visually appealing.

What are the tips of the video?

  • Set up suspense at the beginning of the video to arouse the curiosity of the audience, and then end it in a shocking form, which is the video presentation form we are most used to before.
  • Focus on the best and most inspiring features that users are willing to download to show. Users will not stay in a page for a long time, the beginning of the video should present the best features of the application, and then presented in order of the importance of the features.
  • Too many information points, the user rather confused about what you want to express.
  • It must be adapted to the mobile presentation, such as larger and brighter fonts to make the information clearer.
  • The first screenshot after the video should echo the video, so that users can be attracted to click on the video.


Screenshots are equivalent to product posters, videos + screenshots become the most important content for the app store to guide users to download, for old products, to fully maintain the emotions with users, for new products, a good screenshot is your door knocker into the user's psyche. It can be in the form of a poster or showing screenshots of the app, resorting to your positioning and the most important features, and most importantly, standing in the user scenario and thinking about what your product can bring to the users that is of value and what they care most about. 

Images can be taken from the app's UI to visually communicate the user experience of the app. Up to five screenshots can be displayed on the product page. The first two screenshots should highlight the essence of the app, as these images show up in search results when there is no app preview. Subsequent screenshots can focus on a major benefit or feature function to fully convey the value of the application. 


The first sentence in the description is the most important and is what the user can read without having to click to read it. Every word is important, so the description should focus on the App uniqueness. The app description should only be updated when a new version is submitted.

Provide a compelling description that highlights the features and functionality of the app. The ideal description is a concise, informative paragraph, followed by a short list of key features. Let potential users know how your product is different and enjoyable to look at. Use a terminology that your target audience will appreciate and understand.


Descriptions can only be changed when the version is updated; promotional text can be changed at any time. Descriptions should not be a list of product features; no one wants to read your product description while browsing for information, and listing information in front of so many nice and attractive descriptions will only keep users away from you. A good description should be as compelling as a story, and should show users interesting content, or points of interest that are straightforward and attractive to them.

Promotional text appears at the top of the description and is limited to 170 characters. It can be updated at any time and is not restricted to new version submissions. Consider using the promo text to share the latest news about the app, which can include new promotions in the app or app purchase, upcoming features or content, limited time sales, etc.


Keywords can help applications show up in search results. Be careful with the keyword to ensure it is easy to find. Put yourself in your users' shoes and think about what keywords they would use to search for your type of product. Keywords that are too broad or irrelevant may make it difficult for users to find your application. Limit keywords to 100 characters, separated by commas.

Maximize the number of words that fit within this character limit by avoiding the following:

  • Plurals of words already included in the singular form
  • Category names or the word "application"
  • Duplicate words

Inappropriate use of keywords is a common reason for app store rejection. Do not use the following in your keywords:

  • Unauthorized use of trademarked terms, celebrity names, and other protected words and phrases
  • Terms that are not related to the application
  • Competing app names
  • Irrelevant, inappropriate, rude or offensive terms


Ratings & Reviews 

Reviews occupy an important position and are an important connection for developers to interact with users. It is important to respond to users' reviews in a timely manner, and the building of word-of-mouth starts from every detail. Reviews are also an important channel for new users to learn about your app. In short, don't ignore the influence of reviews, especially for new products, which may directly determine users' download behavior.

It is possible to respond to customer reviews of the app and directly address their feedback, questions and concerns. When developers respond to reviews, customers are notified of the response and may have the option to update their reviews. Reviews and responses can be updated at any time, but only the most recent reviews and responses for each customer are displayed on your product pages.

Study the influence weight of different content on editorial recommendation to better optimize the product detail page.

We know Apple editorial recommendation, you need to take the initiative to write emails or attract Apple's attention, of course, this is only the specific operation level, before the recommendation, your ASO base optimization will be a key step for Apple editors to get your App to generate interest to want to recommend.

From past experience, Apple editors are paranoid about outstanding content and news on mobile. They will have a strong instinct for breaking news, but also a preference for original, amazingly good stories. Editors will have the power to decide what is more important breaking news, better looking stories, and small but beautiful content will have a chance to be tapped, and unique and original content will have room to live. There is also a great deal of attention to the beauty and good sense conveyed by the UI visuals, as well as the details of the visuals, such as videos and screenshots.

What's more, the overall UI, icon, screenshots, and subtitle, are the factors that impress Apple editors, we still need to study them deeply and finally speak with data. Only by coming up with data can we properly guide the ASO optimization work, otherwise the work done is all subjective.

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