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How to Conduct Competitive ASO Keyword Optimization Analysis

Mar 10 2021

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Before developing an ASO keyword optimization plan, it is very necessary to conduct a competitive analysis. Knowing oneself and knowing one's enemy is the only way to win a hundred battles. First of all, let's clarify the purpose of ASO competitive analysis.

To understand the keyword distribution of competing applications, as a reference for ASO word selection, to improve keyword matching and coverage.

Evaluate the daily download level through the list, analyze the historical list trend, and develop a targeted keyword hitting plan.

ASO search ranking factors

200 character space can accommodate 60~80 groups of words, and the most important core industry words are set in the name and subtitle, therefore, competing words will occupy the majority in the keyword setting.

In the case of encountering too few industry competitors or competitor list ranking is too low, especially in some segments, this time it is recommended to expand from the upstream and downstream of the industry, also encountered the same type of application is particularly large (handicap situation is particularly obvious), this time can be appropriate to let go of the number of competitors, but from the perspective of character space analysis, it is recommended that no more than 30 is appropriate, ASO competitive analysis of quality rather than quantity, the more accurate the source of data, the more effective the development of ASO optimization plan.

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Classification and features of keyword

Brand words

Company brand or unique product, such as company name, application name, company name plus product name, etc. It is used to push information to own users or potential users with branding tendency, and to prevent competitors from stealing target customers by purchasing their own brand words.

Searching for brand words has a high conversion rate because of the precise intention and clear intent of the customer, which is to come to the brand. And the price of brand words is not high, the natural ROI is also higher. But the brand word has a relatively fatal weakness - too little traffic. Unless you are the top well-known brand in the industry, the traffic of brand words are usually not much.

Product words are one of the mainstays of a promotional account, because it is more balanced in all aspects, the traffic is larger - click rate is higher - conversion rate is moderate - click price is not low, when a new business temporarily nothing brand and activities, the focus is on the product words. At this time around the product word expansion is a very important, and the opportunity to save promotional costs of a job as comprehensive as possible, and meticulous grouping.

General keywords

Search terms that do not include brands and are used heavily by Internet users. These keywords indicate that Internet users have some vague desires and interests, and some of them are potential target audiences that can be pursued.

Industry competing words

The names of some other companies and products in the same industry are also called competing words. However, competing words should be used with caution, generating complaints that will deduct account reputation growth value points. For more information about reputation growth value, please click on the original article.

In fact, the effect of competing words varies from industry to industry, some industries if the general brand loyalty is not too high, then the possibility of forming a conversion through competing words interception is greatly increased, such as medical, education and training. So do not try to put, will not know how the final effect of such words. It is recommended to try at the beginning of the placement and have optimization for a period of time, if the conversion results are not satisfactory, can be outlawed.


How to choose the right competitor?

Relevance is the primary factor in choosing a competitor. ASO World recommends preparing 1 to 3 search terms most relevant to your own product as core industry terms.

Search for core industry words: search for top ranking while the name, subtitle contains the core industry words of the application. Check the ranking of the classification list: the top of the list at the same time the name, subtitle contains the application of the core industry words. The top three keywords applications occupy 70% of the search traffic. Why should I check the search results and list ranking at the same time? Because the keywords have fallen on the list of cases, the list also has a clear list of cases. Why should the name and subtitle include core industry words? Avoid choosing a super app that covers many keywords as a competitor.

How to choose competing words?

There are two ways to choose competing words: according to the search index and according to the number of search results.

According to the search index: is the most popular competing words set up, if the ranking can be raised up, the search shows a large amount, but is more competition, if there is enough budget for promotion, you can take this strategy.

According to the number of search results: is the least number of search results set up, how many search results of a word means how many competitors, if there is no recent promotion plan, want to optimize to get a certain amount of natural search volume, you can take this strategy.

How to analyze the competitor's ASO data?

Locate the keywords with volume

Analyze the keyword list data of competing products, select the top three keywords in search hotness, and sort them by hotness.

Evaluate the daily new volume level

Why should we estimate the download volume? Because when you want to beat the volume to improve the ranking of a keyword in the future, you will probably encounter the above competitors, and the higher the download volume means the higher the weight of the other party, the more difficult it will be to optimize.


How to use competitive analysis to develop ASO keyword optimization plan?

Keyword Research: through 1 to 3 core industry words to locate the main competitor, analyze the keyword list data of the competitor, expand our ideas of word expansion, the competitor keywords covered can also be further analyzed, and the suitable ones can also be analyzed as a competitor. When analyzing a single keyword, you can consult the experts at ASO World when you want to understand the data that precisely contains the keyword.

Adjust the key ASO strategy: after completing the ASO metadata settings optimization, want to improve the overall ranking of keywords, you need to use the iOS integral wall hitting, the daily hitting level can be understood as how many new downloads have been promoted, when the volume level is not much, it is recommended to avoid the keywords ranked in the top three of the high download competitor.

The main factors affecting App Store keyword search ranking contain the following, it can be seen that the keyword search download volume and overall app download volume have equal weight, therefore, in the case of consistent keyword matching, it is recommended to avoid the other side Top 3 hot keywords, and focus on volume level to hit the other side ranking Top 4~10 in low hot keywords.

The keywords can be arranged as far as possible in the name and subtitle to enhance the weight, but also to facilitate the user to search when the display to enhance the download conversion rate, no keywords used is recommended to be set in the keywords in the front position.

To expand the competing words, keywords can be set 100 characters, if the use of ASO localization language setting skills, can be extended to 200 characters, if each competitor according to 4 ~ 6 characters to calculate, should be selected 30 ~ 50.

Therefore, the expansion of competitive words can be done by searching the above industry words to select the "potential competitors" with high ranking, analyzing their keyword details and selecting their top ranking To10 keyword distribution, so that by analyzing 5~10 competitors, at least 100+ competitive keywords can be expanded.

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