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How to Build a Productivity and Time Management App?

Sep 10 2021


When it comes to building software or a digital product, developers are the heart of the project, often full of challenges and unpredictable issues during the development process. That’s why it is so important to streamline and optimize workflows for developers by relieving the burden of tedious tasks and automating their activities. To be in uninterrupted flow and keep productivity, developers look for efficient and sustainable solutions that can extremely simplify and facilitate their work, protect their spaces, and ensure deep thinking. 

Efficiency is the main guarantee of success in any business (and not only in business). And digital time management tools help us reach the desired and become as effective as possible. That's why such programs are in great demand right now. So, it makes sense to build productivity apps of our own and start making money on them.

Productivity apps

Imagine how planning and organizing used to be in the good old days. Few notebooks, some sticky notes were scattered everywhere throughout the house. Well! This cannot be said very well organized, but organized.There’s life-changing magic in tidying up that has become popular. Traditionally planning merely meant keeping records and reminders. 

But now with the advancement of the app world, there’s more to planning than just maintaining records and having reminders.Tidying up and organizing your work can help you have your day be productive and without stressing out about almost anything.

A mobile productivity app is a software program that allows users of smartphones, tablets, and portable devices to carry out day-to-day tasks.The productivity app is any piece of software that facilitates your work and allows you to do more work in less time.

The main purpose of this productivity app development is to make mobile device users more efficient. It allows users to access features such as taking notes, email, calendar, to-do list, and reminder applications, as well as processing software. texts, spreadsheets, and presentations.Time management and scheduling apps can be of great help to people who are particular in their work. There is a set of people who find it difficult to even decide where to start their assigned task. 

For them, productivity app development is the best option.Mobile productivity app is for every individual. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a businessman, an entrepreneur, or a homemaker. As a matter of fact, productivity apps cover a large variety of functionalities that can be covered.

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Why do we need mobile productivity app for office & personal?

We can do almost anything on our phones, but what makes these smartphones so useful are the apps installed on them. Smartphones are used because of the functionalities they provide. There are not many differences in the way people use these devices during the day to simplify daily functions.

Companies are incorporating the idea of mobile apps into their businesses to bring productivity to their business. According to Scolvo 2016, using mobile apps for work purposes can bring about a “34% increase in productivity“. Productivity apps make the quality of life simple.

When it comes to business, no company has to adopt any new technological trend. However, you will have to store your confidential files in a safe place, and you will need ways to communicate with your team, as well as have planning and organization tools.Some people are really messed up when it comes to planning or scheduling. They cannot figure out where to start.

Also, the three most essential key benefits that productivity apps can bring when used for business purposes:

Collaboration with others
Flexibility in work schedule
Savings for the business

Benefits of using productivity app

Productivity apps come with a wide range of improvements in existing business processes and can be applied in various business functions. The benefits of having a productivity app should be fairly obvious. With a productivity app, your customers can track what and when they need to do it.

That is the beauty of an intelligent productivity app. simplify your work life. Just as reducing physical space can reduce stress, reducing the number of open apps on your device helps you stay focused. It also helps you find what you need and feel less stressed.

When you invest in a productivity tool, you certainly want to see quantifiable improvements in the amount of work done. While all productivity tools should increase production in some way, it should not only be about results. There is much more than that. However, even the smartest business leaders often do not see the long-term value of these productivity apps. If production does not increase instantaneously, they consider that investment is a waste of time and money. 

They often jump to the next step before realizing all the power of the tool they so quickly eliminated. Because of the features of the productivity app, you can give your customers greater detail into their daily lives. We have detailed some of the most common features found in some popular productivity apps below for your convenience.Productivity apps have a very wide category. From life to work, from health to fitness, productivity apps are everything. Productivity apps can give an entirely new form to your life.

What is a productivity and time management platform?

Inherently, time management is a real science focused on the competent allocation of hours, which is necessary to achieve a particular goal. And such a goal can be both the fulfillment of professional duties and getting a certain personal result (say, the desire to lose weight is also impossible to implement without proper planning).

Targeting users

As you probably already understood, such applications are useful to all businesses and businessmen (as well as ordinary people) who want to manage their time more effectively and thereby increase the productivity of their own actions.

Business productivity apps

Primarily, such platforms are extremely useful to businesses of various sizes: both small teams and large corporations. And this is understandable because the inability of employees to manage time properly leads to a decrease in the productivity of the entire company, which negatively affects sales schedules.

Personal productivity apps

Now let's pay attention to the mobile personal productivity market. After all, such applications would come in handy to individual users either: freelancers, self-employed experts, and just people who want to increase the efficiency of their routine duties and ensure that their everyday actions bring maximum results.

The core features of productivity  app

To begin with, we'll analyze what features a particular user needs, whether he is an employee of a certain company or a man resorting to the program for personal purposes.

User panel


Any app always starts with a user profile, which is quite natural. It’s about personal account containing all the main information about a person: gender, age, profession, work experience, hobbies, social status, and more.

You can offer additional fields to be able to get the maximum data about the user.


As you remember, we’ve mentioned boards when describing the best productivity apps, namely, trello. Of course, you’re welcome to name this section in another way or come up with your own special approach to its design. We’re just giving an example.

In fact, such a board is nothing more than a workspace allocated for a specific project, group, or company’s department, depending on the needs of a particular organization. The user (or company management) is free to create several boards devoted to different topics.

Reminders- the reminders notify users of upcoming events, meetings, birthdays, etc.

Pop-up cards- cards save urgent meetings and jobs, and the users can get the pop-up notification from time to time.

  • Drop-box- the data is accessed from multiple devices like laptops, tablets, personal computers using dropbox. 
  • To-do list- this particular feature allows the user to keep track of all the activities needed to be done in a day. so you would never worry about forgetting things again. 
  • Colour coding- the color-coding system highlights all the important events, meetings, tasks in the application. 
  • Doodle- by using our doodle tool, you can visualize your ideas in the form of charts and diagrams, etc. 
  • E-journal- e-journal enables the user to jot down their opinions and views in an online journal. 
  • Easily share- you can share whatever you have created so far. for instance, it could be a flow chart, a diagram, a grocery list. Etc. 

Admin panel

  • Dashboard login- the admin manages the entire system information and settings, with a web-based dashboard. 
  • Push notifications- admin broadcasts all the new details through this. For instance, upgradations, new features, etc. 
  •  Manage subscription- the admin offers the basic as well as the premium subscription to the users according to their budget. 
  • Cloud-based storage- the files between the physical devices and cloud are synced through cloud-based storage. 
  • Support- contact customer support via app to resolve the queries regarding the orders and the services. 
  • Advertisements- various ads and marketing campaigns are conducted on digital platforms to boost applications. 
  • Rating and feedback-herein, the admin receives the feedback and reviews, which would ultimately lead up to improvisation. 
  • Manage users- admin manages the user database like detail addition and modification. 
  • Time and cost factors- who is developing your app? The first question to consider here. 

Top productivity app features

Task to-do lists

Giving users the ability to create to-do lists in your productivity app will allow them to lay out their most important tasks in an easy-to-cross-off checklist. You can even add labels to these tasks. Thus, users can also divide their tasks as per task type. For example, personal tasks and business-related tasks.

Calendar view

While to-do lists are helpful, giving your users the ability to view their to-do lists in a calendar view can also greatly benefit your users. If a task is important but isn’t pressing for the next week, users can push that task to the bottom of their to-do list until other important tasks are finished first.

Voice recording

While there are plenty of voice recording apps on the market, giving your users the ability to record short voice transcripts in your productivity app can allow them to take notes and look at pressing tasks in one easy-to-use productivity app dashboard.

Project management

Give your users the experience where things can be organized, increase accountability, communicate more efficiently, and keep everyone on the same page.

Scheduling and calendar

Provide your users with an app where organizing, booking, and updating events on the calendar can be possible. It also syncs across multiple calendar tools and devices, saving users time and letting them focus on high-priority tasks.

Time tracking

Give your users a platform where they can manage their time and task efficiently without any hassle.

Note making

Note-making benefits everyone, especially the students. Provide your users with an attractive notes app where they can write, update and delete.

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