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How Mobile User Engagement Strategy Drive Your App Business?

Sep 23 2021

User engagement strategy

Marketers and developers are facing a more challenging app market, not only to increase user acquisition, but also to keep your audience for further business value. A healthy-developing company always focuses on user loyalty and retention rather than acquiring new audience.


In this article, we are talking about how to measure user engagement and 5 effective ways to engage your users.


Why user engagement is important?

Before we start everything, user engagement can be simply defined as keeping your user coming back and perform in-app events. Let's take a look at the data below.


The average uninstall rate goes to 28% after one month, and users open 25% of their apps only once during the first 6 months. Take it into consideration, promoting to existing users will succeed 60%-70% of the time while only 5% - 20% of new users will click in and purchase any in-app service.


Two-thirds of the companies are focusing on user experience, when a 5% user retention increase can raise your profits by 25%-95%.


Moreover, users who have a positive user experience are likely to come back, and they may recommend your app to their friends, boosting your user acquisition.

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What are user engagement metrics?

ASO World tech will introduce you 5 metrics to visualize your user engagement, and where to improve. This gives you a data-driven insight to work together to develop a better user experience for a long-term avenue.


Active users

The number of users actually using your app, somehow the going currency of the world of apps.


It's the indicator of how useful and important your app is by measuring how many users come back to your app.


A genuinely engaging app will have a higher number of active users than new users. You are able to tell how effective an engagement strategy is by identify active users.


Retention rate

This is the most important metric talking about engagement. It tells you what percentage of users are coming back or continue to use your app.


How you measure it depends on a particular insight you want, either comparing your active users to last months, or comparing the annual data.

Churn rate

The percentage of your app users that are lost at the end of the period, can go up to 80% high over 90 days. While it differs with app types, it tells you when and what makes your most loyal and active users disappear. By analyzing the frequency of user churn and who they are, can prevent the same loss in the future.


Session length

It's the amount of time when users opened the app till they leave, which tells you how sticky your app is to a user. It can be more important than daily active users depending on your app.


Session intervals

How often they open the app can be an opportunity to improve your campaign to higher stickiness.


In general, when users stay in your app long enough, the more likely they interact with the screens and meet your goals.


5 methods to engage your user

Simple On-boarding

It's the first thing to introduce the users to your product. It does not only teach new users how the app works. The whole onboarding process should be easy, efficient demonstration, and explains the most significant features.


Here're some basic rules of onboarding:

  • Avoid too much text. The instructions should be easy to read and remember. Make the tutorials short, only explaining the most common operations.
  • Use contextual instructions. People don't like to read manuals, visualizing the instruction is a great alternative for textual tutorials.
  • Make the signup or login easy. Minimize the friction when a user tries to sign up or log in, save some unnecessary steps to later.

Push notification

Push notifications are one of the most effective ways to engage your app users. It undoubtedly increases your app exposure for a user to use it again, and is a great way for game apps to promote seasonal or holiday campaigns.


Geolocation: Defining user's region by IP address, put their address into the notification to engage with your users.

Some mobile apps misuse the push notifications, which ends in app deletion.


Only send relevant push notifications: Don't boom your audience with massive notifications like spamming. You need to provide users valuable information so that the user will open it next time from the list of notifications.


Deep link

Now you have a wonderful notification, it's time to direct them to a personalized page.


Link to the relevant content based on your notification will give users a personalized experience and keep them engaged.


You can link your app from external resources, like a webpage, emails, even other apps. This will improve the app experience by cutting the process shorter.



Motivate users to be active and encourage them to invite friends based on your businesses model. Turn the consumption of your in-app purchase or service into a game, which is always attracting people successfully.


This gives you the following benefits:

  • Your current users stay in the app as possible from your reward program.
  • New users come in when your current user introduces new people in.
  • Gamification helps you to establish two-way communication and track feedback, then you will be informed of your target audience's thoughts.


Encourage two-way communication

Seeking feedback is not only important to understand user's needs and improve your app functionality, but also to make users feel valued and appreciated.


Users are less likely to leave negative reviews, then you will be too late to solve the problems before it affects your future downloads. Showing that you're concerned about any problems builds you a long-term loyal user relationship, and boosts your engagement and retention rates.



Think about what is the most important metric for your app and define which aspects to engage your users. By following the steps, you will start to build connections with your users and stay brand loyal which gives you high app retention and steady profits.




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