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How iOS15 new features drive mobile growth?

Sep 24 2021

iOS new features


As Apple launched the new iPhone 13 and iOS 15 on September 20th, the new capabilities Apple promised didn't launch with iOS15 together. Three capabilities Apple introduced of new App Store on Developer website all have a label down, saying "available later this year".


Don't worry yet, new capabilities are coming on the stage. As all three features say that they will be "available later this year", we don't have to wait long to witness how the new features rock the world of App Store Optimization and Mobile Marketing.


Outlook of iOS15 capabilities rollout

The right timing to adopt new App Store capabilities

Let's consider this from Apple's perspective and in the context of previous iOS version releases. It takes 12-13 weeks before about 80% of iOS users adopt the new version (because some people who haven't upgraded their hardware use incompatible devices against the new iOS system).


The statistics also show that it took 4-5 weeks until the adoption rate reached 40%, which is an important mass audience (about 400 million users according to Apple's latest release, which says there are 1B iPhone devices active).


New features are highly dependent on new iOS15 adoption for future Iteration, that

  • Enough users have installed iOS 15 to actually be exposed to in-app events.
  • Most users who are directed to the CPP actually see them rather than being redirected to the default page, to have their behaviors collected to Apple for Product Page Optimization.


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Assumptions of when

The biggest concern is ... At what adoption rate would Apple feel comfortable enough to release these features? Based on Apple update history, the answer is around 50% (at least 1 out of 2 App Store visitors will have iOS 15). When iOS14 was released last year, it took 6-7 weeks to achieve 50% adoption rate. In the case of iOS 15, this means it will be around early November, probably with the iOS 15.1 update.


We can learn from In-APP Events page's additional information saying "available this fall", which convinces us that all three features will be available at some point between October and mid-December. Based on the adoption rate assumption, it's likely to be released around early November.


This is great news because it gives you more time to prepare how to take advantage of these new features and dramatically improve your App Store Optimization, UA and mobile growth.


iOS 15 new features

Custom Product Page (CPP)

With CPP, you will be able to create up to 35 custom product pages. Within each page, you can change anything from your app preview video, screenshots, and promotional text, and the icons will remain consistent with your default product pages. These 35 custom product pages will be accessible through a unique Apple App Store URL, and you can direct specific audiences to these pages.


CPP is a breakthrough for App Store Optimization and paid UA. You will have the potential to deliver an optimized, data-proven experience for your paying audience.


Product Page Optimization (PPO)

Product Page Optimization for iOS 15 will allow you to compare the performance of the default (control) App Store product page with three different treatments (variations). Apple makes it clear that the intent is for developers to use this new mechanism to optimize search and browsing traffic (aka "organic"), while paid UA (referral traffic) has a dedicated solution in custom product pages.

Once you start to run PPO, you can monitor the performance of each treatment by impressions, app installs and the conversion rate. This means you can test out the best-performing product page and optimize app localization.


In-App Event

Apple explains In-App Event on their developer website:

In-app events are timely events within apps and games — such as game competitions, movie premieres, live-streamed experiences, and more. This fall, customers can discover your in-app events right on the App Store on iOS and iPadOS, giving you an entirely new way to showcase your events and expand their reach — whether you'd like to reach new users, keep your current users informed, or reconnect with previous users.


It's a great tool to engage your current users and attract potential users which helps several significant KPIs, conversion rate, retention rate, etc.


To learn more about the three capabilities above, you can check "How to prepare your App Store custom product pages (CPPs) for iOS 15 ASO?" of ASOWorld previous articles.

How to drive mobile growth by iOS15 new capabilities?

Now we have a fundamental understanding of iOS15 new capabilities, it's time to talk about how to leverage three features to boost mobile traffic growth by following steps.

Have a clear understanding of all user acquisition funnels

The past

Before iOS 14.5, an average UA team would determine the ad channels that were appropriate for the target audience. The UA team will then give the channels with a large number of ad creatives, and they will continually monitor which ad creatives work best for the goal of getting the highest number of high-value users.

What the old app store optimization UA process lacks is an insight into who the installed app users are, but more importantly, why they are installing the app, and based on what creative and marketing messages. The above was done in a "black box". the UA team took on a similar role as investors, allocating budgets to high ROAS campaigns and reaching their KPI numbers, always trying to minimize CPI.


The future

iOS 14.5 weakens the ability to optimize campaigns for downstream KPIs and pLTV. As a result, optimizing the top of the funnel, especially for paid ads and app store creatives, has become even more important. Apple wanted us to create an app store experience that was coherent and seamless with the user journey.


Clearly, this changed the role of the UA team from an investor allocating budget to an explorer and traditional marketer who is looking for new potential audiences and learning how to convince them to install your mobile app or game. This requires us to open the black box and start creating funnels that match creative and messages (in ads and on App Store product pages) to real target audiences.


Custom product pages allow us to offer up to 35 different product pages for our paid UA or referral traffic. We need to understand how to allocate CPPs and for whom to design them. Marketers and developers all understand that the value of the right product pages can mean a significant increase in CVR.


It is clear that a proper iOS 15 strategy is achieved through the ability to optimize the funnel and, more specifically, to produce product pages that have a scale effect.


The only way to recover UA performance KPIs is by 

  • Aligning and customizing the right information for each funnel
  • Finding new valuable, larger audience segments
  • And understanding that mobile ad networks won't do that for you.


Identify apps and games growth opportunities

Take a look at the charts below:

top opportunities
There are 756K monthly app units existing in App Store, with 289K USD monthly revenue. Where to launch your app in an app market with big potential with so many competitors, is important to gain organic traffic growth and earn profit from it.


Market size by monthly revenue

source: Storemaven


Analyze market size by monthly revenue and app units, study how much space left for you and which region is easier to gain organic traffic. Draw a target persona based on the market you choose and user purchasing behavior for the next move.


Create massive impactful tests

Wrap your custom product pages up, run tests at a large scale of different pages to determine what the final custom product pages look like.

Set up multiple variants of the page to test a hypothesis and distribute traffic randomly and evenly across all variants.


What you can test

You can test any elements on your product pages, such as titles, subtitles, icons, screenshots, app preview videos, descriptions, promotional text, and even your ratings and reviews.


What data you should get

In addition to impressions, app installs, and conversion rate, you can see what's going on with each test variables: Video view rate, screenshot scroll and view rates, page scroll rates, description view rate, review engagement, etc.


Measure the data and optimize product page

To gain insight into how to improve conversion rates, look at engagement analytics such as video watch rate, screenshot view rate, scroll rate, decisive (users who install after 0-3 seconds without engaging with the page) vs. explorer rate (users who install 6-12 seconds after engaging with the page, such as scrolling through the screenshot gallery, or scrolling vertically down the page itself.)


To follow potential user's mind journey consuming the information on your App Store product pages will allow you to increase conversion rates. You are able to have a crystal clear understanding of which parts of the app preview videos are most effective and which screenshots are really driving app installs.


With this in-depth data, you'll be able to answer questions:

  • What order to display the scene in my app preview videos? 
  • What's the order to display screenshots?
  • Why do potential users have a lower conversion rate when they already explored my app product page than those who don't, and how can I improve this situation? 


The new capabilities are coming with the clock ticking, it surely brings a revolutionary change in the App Store Optimization world and previous mobile marketing strategy. Follow up ASOWorld strategies to have a deep understanding of iOS15 new features and how to utilize them.


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