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Here Comes a Great New Feature for You to Check Your Apps’ Ranking Directly on ASO World

Mar 23 2021

app ranking


For mobile app developers, or app marketers, it is important to be able to see how their app ranks in the app store of their target country at any given time, so they can keep track of their business trends and the impact of each update, or decision, on their app. Being able to provide quick and timely feedback on industry trends and changes is also key to the success of their business.

Therefore in the latest update of our website, we are excited to announce our new feature -- Rankings!

As you can see down below, you can find out your app’s ranking in App Store by clicking the red box, choose the targeting countries from all over the world that we have already supported by our ASO services. At last, what you need to do is just input your app’s keyword or app ID, and then you can see your app ranking in the App Store (the Google Play ranking is under developing).

app store ranking

Let’s take YouTube as an example, by searching YouTube you can find out the ranking of YouTube and ratings directly, which saves lot of troubles for our clients. Since people usually looking up their app’s ranking with third party tools, but with our update this time, you can just check your app’s ranking in ASO World.


youtube as example


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