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Global Game and App 2021 Potentiality Report: A Comprehensive Analysis of Major Trends

May 26 2021

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Game market size may reach $189.3 billion in 2021

COVID-19 has driven a spike in global player engagement, and most of the additional increase in player engagement and revenue due to this outbreak is expected to remain intact.

During the ongoing global quarantine, gaming has become habitual in people's lives and some of the ( device ) investments for gaming entertainment are not easily put on hold.

The growth in user engagement will also be reflected in the revenue of the global gaming market, with 2.8 billion gamers worldwide bringing $189.3 billion to the market by 2021.

As infrastructure settings and economies continue to grow in Southeast Asia and the Middle East and North Africa, these emerging markets will drive revenue growth in the global market.

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The next generation of hosts will still take some time to meet market demand

On the hardware side, the impact of the above challenges will ripple into early 2021 and beyond, while it will take longer for the next generation of mainframes to meet soaring market demand.

Software development will also continue to be impacted by the epidemic quarantine.

Many of the games that were delayed in 2020 are in post-production.

App Store and Google Play's App installation and spending are still growing rapidly, there is still room for App development

In 2021, the cloud game market annual revenue or the first time to exceed $ 1 billion, Global consumers will spend 674 billion hours on mobile devices in 2020 as the streaming war heats up

APP and applet entrepreneurship is still the most dominant method and idea to engage in Internet industry entrepreneurship, and according to statistics, more than half of app business projects, in fact, end up in failure, which is not shocking for understanding the complexity and dynamics of app, applet and other software development industry.

It is due to the high risk nature of entrepreneurship that every entrepreneur taps into the pain points of everyday life in order to achieve a high ROI and find the right direction to develop and ultimately achieve great returns.

Simulation of real-world scenarios will become one of the trends

For more than a decade, consumers have been interested in using games as a platform for simulating real-world activities, and this will be one of the most influential trends in the coming years.

The gaming world can now do close to real-world simulated activities, such as offering experiences like fashion shows, music performances, and movie viewing.

Despite taking place in-game, these basic non-game experiences still have the potential to attract non-gamers to the gaming space, thus expanding publishers' user base.

For publishers, artists and brands, the value of such collaborations is beginning to emerge.

Mobile games are ripe for interactive experiences, especially for younger audiences.

So we expect to see this trend continue, especially as traditional ad spending continues to grow.

Games will make positive efforts to reduce discrimination and prejudice, promote diversity and inclusion

Online platforms and ecosystems are working to make their social hubs healthier, with lower levels of discrimination and bias.

To that end, both Apple and Goolge are committed to safer, more responsible gaming and controlling discrimination and bias in games. While the efforts of these companies over the past few years are certainly commendable, we still have a long way to go.

As gaming communities continue to evolve around new forms of user engagement, the responsibilities of game IP owners have become more complex, prompting many companies to create internal positions and even work to create diverse and inclusive teams.

Which game categories will have opportunities?

Hypercasual games

In 2020, the percentage of super casual games among the top 100 mobile games downloaded by global games will reach 24%, and the number of downloads and head products will continue to rise.

At the same time, with the layout of various traffic platforms and casual game platforms, this field will also become an important breakthrough direction for small and medium-sized game enterprises in the future.

With the support of casual game platforms and ultra-casual game distribution agencies, ultra-casual game development teams will also get better market opportunities and promote the further development of this category.

Global market

With the overseas market for global games skyrocketing in 2020, the field can be said to have endless potential and is far from saturated.

In addition to continuing to soar in a number of mobile game markets such as Japan, the U.S. and Korea, there are more markets where companies are taking over.

For example, the growth of mobile game revenue in regions such as Mexico and Brazil is surprising.

In addition to the common mobile game categories, even in the field of ultra-casual games to make a push, hypercasual games have received hundreds of millions of downloads in overseas regions.

IP based Games

In 2020, the market revenue of IP adapted mobile games will exceed 100 billion USD for the first time. The value and characteristics of users also make IP adapted games occupy advantages in the fields of volume buying and marketing, and this field also has high market potential in the future.

In addition to the mobile game market, IP strategy has also become an important layout element for global game enterprises to expand the global game market.

According to the evaluation of ASO World data, enterprises with accumulation in many fields such as IP reserve, IP originality and IP linkage will further gain market opportunities in the future.

But in the future, with the clarity of the commercialization model and the further layout of large game companies, this market may lead to rapid growth.

Cloud games

The actual market size of cloud gaming reached $910 million USD in 2020, which is a large growth compared to 2019, but the revenue growth rate is lower than the market expectation.

This is mainly due to the slowdown of 5G construction with the global epidemic, and the layout of related enterprises for this field has been affected to some extent.

In addition, the game products and platforms launched by major global game companies are still in the trial stage, subject to the cloud game is still unclear commercialization model, there is no platform for large-scale customer acquisition behavior, the lack of new users into this market growth is limited.

But in the future, with the clarity of the commercialization model and the further layout of large game enterprises, this market may lead to rapid growth.


Single-player / console games

According to Gamma data estimates, the actual sales revenue of global host / single-player games in 2020 reached 2.3 billion USD, the growth rate is maintained at a high level, the current core host / single-player game users in the tens of millions of levels.

2021 conservative estimates, the global transport game market at least in 2.8 billion. Do not rule out the possibility of explosive growth because of certain elements.

With the improvement of users' ability to pay and the strengthening of copyright awareness, the market environment of console/single-player game development has improved significantly at this stage, and the activity of related products is also rising rapidly.

More large game enterprises have already produced representative game products or set up R&D teams in this field, and with the support of R&D strength and capital strength of these enterprises, console/single-player games are expected to develop faster.

In addition to the product level, the relevant game platform will also continue to be online to help promote and sell the products and effectively drive the enthusiasm of developers.

In the future, with the emergence of more excellent products, the market scale of single-player/console games will be further expanded.

Which game categories will have opportunities?

In 2021, the core users of classic categories are mature and the advantages of the categories are easy to continue; the users of emerging categories such as placement and cards continue to pour in.

There are still opportunities in the classic categories that account for a larger market share, such as shooters, turn-based RPGs, MMORPG/ARPGs, etc. The core users are mature and the companies that have been cultivating related fields will benefit.

In addition, there are also opportunities for fast-growing segmentation categories, such as placement and card categories, which means that in recent years this category is in a rapid development stage, users are continuing to pour in, and the new gameplay is welcomed by users.

Trends of app development in 2021

The growth momentum of the game market in 2020 is expected to last at least until the first half of 2021.

Based on the data analysis, the potential of the game is mainly in two aspects, on the one hand, it lies in the in-depth layout of potential areas, and on the other hand, it lies in the accumulation of investment in R&D talents, technology, traffic and so on.

By investing in multiple fields to supplement their own fields is also a way, through the accumulation of volume will eventually bring growth and explosion.

In addition, from the global market, the growth rate this year has created a new high since 4 years.

To enter the global market, it is necessary to integrate product characteristics with local culture, improve the overall distribution operation, etc., and penetrate local user groups through celebrity endorsement and community interaction to achieve the ultimate growth.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

By partnering with Google Twitter Revolution Solutions combines a streamlined version of HTML with an essence designed to accelerate the speed of mobile pages.

AMP will enable developers to create beautiful websites and web applications with fast loading speeds, lower bounce rates and high performance for all mobile devices.

As for the most popular trends, AMP will provide greater visibility of applications in their undeveloped user base.

Security of app

The application space will witness an increase in security measures with built-in security features such as AI-based security systems, authentication and identity verification solutions, biometric authentication systems, data encryption, APPVPN, and many other security measures.

Mobile cloud application

A cloud-driven application is a type of software that can be accessed on the Internet from all types of computing devices.

With mobile cloud apps, developers won't have to develop three versions of their app on iOS, Android and Windows; instead, a single version of their app will be accessible by any browser-enabled Internet device.

The next few years will eliminate the threat of data loss and enable developers to write and manage APIs through loosely coupled cloud services that will be cost effective even in high demand.

Cross-device development and cross-platform

Versatility is the key to the future - developers must be aware of all the cross-platform and tools available to develop applications to run on all application platforms, including iOS (the first and popular platform), Android (available as a low-cost device and Windows (very reliable)).

One of the many ways to achieve this versatility is to have binary-compatible files that allow application users to switch from one platform to another without having to convert their data to a new format.

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