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E-commerce Apps Stay Growing in 2021

Oct 12 2021

E-commerce Apps

E-commerce app installs climbed 55% on Android and 32% on iOS in 2021 with combined UK installs peaking at 151% during 2020. App installs doubled once again in Q1 2021 signalling sustained growth of the industry.

It is noticed that mobile apps play an important role in building relationships between businesses and their customers. In fact, e-commerce apps are widely known for better understanding of customers with just a "tap". With e-commerce mobile apps, business owners can locate customers anywhere, anytime.

What are the benefits of an E-commerce mobile app?

Today, we're here to talk to you about what makes users shop through e-commerce apps and learn more about how e-commerce apps can add value to your business.

Time saving

At the end of the day, customers like things that lighten their tasks and save time. Let's say your target audience is Millennials or Generation Z. In this case, you must count every moment when developing your marketing strategy because their attention span is short (12 seconds for Millennials). In this case, you must count every moment when developing your marketing strategy because their attention span is short (12 seconds for Millennials and 8 seconds for Gen Z).

In addition, according to a Google report, mobile site bounce rates get worse with each second a page is loaded. The same report states that mobile landing pages take at least 22 seconds to fully load, and 53% of users will leave and abandon a shopping cart if a mobile page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Now that's a big problem.

The only solution is a mobile e-commerce app. Mobile apps load 1.5 times faster than eCommerce sites. In addition, data retrieval in mobile apps happens in the blink of an eye, pleasing customers by providing them with a seamless shopping experience and saving them time.

Increased brand recognition

One of the main reasons for choosing e-commerce app development is to increase brand awareness. Moreover, this is the biggest advantage of mobile commerce.

Using e-commerce platforms, brands find an easy way to connect with their customers, as most consumers spend a lot of time on their cell phones. Smaller screens often make users more irritable. According to the record, 32% of app users typically uninstall an app when they feel it is not working well. This can lead to a poor user experience. Brands should provide users with the best quality and simplicity in their mobile app experience.

Improved marketing communication

Today, with mobile devices, customers can stay in touch with brands 24/7. Mobile devices have changed the way users interact with brands, access information and shop. Therefore, it is important for companies to incorporate such devices into their marketing approach. This will help enhance the way brands interact with their customers.

In order to harness the power of the connected customer, brands need to provide consistent and stable engagement through e-commerce app. In addition to helping customers stay connected to the brand, e-commerce can be used to more effectively offer deals, discounts and coupons to customers.
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Enhanced customer experience

The modern customer requires a personalized and consistent experience throughout the brand journey. Using only your website as a channel to engage with your customers is not possible. If you want them to always come back to your brand, mobile apps make it easy to do so.

With the combination of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR and VR in e-commerce apps; you can gather valuable insights about your users, such as:

What do your users like? At what time of day do they make purchase decisions?
How long does it take them to decide what to buy?

With all this data, you can provide consumers with an optimized shopping experience that will increase sales.

Higher conversion rate

There's no doubt that e-commerce apps drive higher conversion rates. And, ultimately, that's the only thing that matters, because it brings in higher revenue.

So, if you're an e-commerce business owner thinking "why do I need a mobile app"? Achieving better conversion rates is your answer. When customers want to buy a product, they need a seamless buying process that you can set up in the best possible way using a mobile app. There are many reasons for this.

  • Push notifications
As mentioned above, it informs users about special discounts, sales, deals or when items are back in stock. 
  • Easy Payment
You can offer a variety of payment options. Allow them to add the card they want for a quick transaction. 
  • One-Click Ordering
The simple and easy layout of the application makes checkout easier. Therefore, you should provide your customers with a button as a one-click ordering option. 

As a result, mobile commerce is seen as a simpler and more convenient option than other channels, thus increasing the overall profitability of your business.

Increase a loyal customer base

Since customers spend most of their time on mobile apps, make sure your brand provides product details, contact information and motivates them to buy. Here's how you can increase customer loyalty through e-commerce apps.

  • Deliver consistent brand value by maintaining a consistent design and layout across mobile platforms that customers can truly rely on.
  • Personalize the experience for your customers, for example by providing prioritized features and relevant suggestions based on their searches and purchases.
  • Communicate with your customers using push notifications to tell them about sales and special offers, or to notify them that items are in stock.
  • You can get your customers to come back by implementing a loyalty program. It can be a points model, which they can use to win free items or offer them the chance to get a new seasonal collection for the first time, or bonuses for their future purchases.
  • Establish 24/7 good communication support between your brand and your customers to address their queries via live chat or chatbots.

Apps to manage your e-commerce business


HubSpot CRM is everything you need to organize, track and nurture leads and customers. The best part is that it's always 100% free.

Accessing your CRM on the go will make your life easier. If you're out and about and connected, with the business card scanner feature you can turn your business cards into new CRM contacts. No need to worry about losing that cardboard box.

The most useful e-commerce feature is live chat. With live chat on your phone, you can exceed the expectations of your customers and prospects by providing them with the help they need, anytime, anywhere. You don't need to keep them waiting any longer.


Shopify lets businesses reach customers on one platform, whether it's online, in-store, or even through social media. You can sync orders, products and customers across all sales channels, and Shopify Mobile makes the experience even easier.

In one simple app, you can capture payments, fill orders, adjust product inventory, track sales and create new products. Just make sure you receive notifications of new sales and fill orders on the go. People will rave about your store's customer service and how quickly your products arrive at their doorstep.

Plus, the updated Shopify mobile app allows you to respond to refund disputes, view all inventory changes made to products in the last 30 days, and fulfill items through the fulfillment service right from within the app.

Google Analytics

Tracking page views, interactions and click-through rates is second nature to e-commerce business owners, and Google Analytics helps you determine which parts of your website and marketing strategy are bringing in the most conversions. This application allows you to track pay-per-click (PPC) activity as well as registrations from different platforms and search engines. This free application is essential to help you determine a successful strategy for the coming months.


Users who conduct business online use Facebook applications for a variety of reasons. Facebook is a great place to promote sales, increase brand awareness, and quickly answer questions on your business' fan page. With this application, you can easily provide online customer service by responding to comments, whether negative or positive. Keeping your customers engaged is key to building brand loyalty.


The WordPress app is great for e-commerce business owners who have been running it all along. Now you can use your mobile device to update your website with breaking news, new photos and blog posts. With the app's social media plugins, you can even alert followers when new site updates are made. WordPress is user-friendly, so even the technically challenged can have a site that looks like it was built by experts.


Hootsuite allows business owners to see everything that is happening through their company's social media feed. This makes it easy to answer questions, respond to comments and interact with customers. As many business owners know, a well-established social media presence can do wonders in fostering community and generating repeat business. This also allows you to schedule your tweets and Facebook posts in advance, making social media easier than ever. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts for days, weeks or even months at a time, making your social media manager's job easier.

With the wealth of applications available for today's online business, if you're not using the best applications for your business, you may already be falling behind the competition. From organization to process optimization to social media to analytics, there's always something to help every business person succeed. These myriad apps help e-commerce business owners stay connected, competitive and engaged, all of which are becoming increasingly important in today's mobile business world.

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