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Case Study: See How An AI Face Swapping App Hitting the Top of App Store

Jul 12 2021

face swapping


Everyone loves to try something exciting and funny in their usual conversations. Even you also, at some point, should have started memes and GIFs to make conversations livelier and engaging. In the last decade, this was not possible; you couldn’t understand the emotion of the sentence implied by the sender. But now, with various emoticons and face swap apps, you can convey the message and the emotion associated with it.

These face changer apps let the users swap their faces with various celebrities’ and superheroes’ faces within a matter of seconds. The crucial role in developing technologies like a portrait ai app is played by Artificial Intelligence.

This unique idea of face swap apps is helping users across the world in displaying their editing skills. In this era of social media networking, photo editing is straightforward, and people are trying new methods to get more likes and views on social media. Ultimately, they halt at the face-changing apps. The apps like Reface don’t require any professional editing skills and are more fun than ever. Trying these apps is less time-consuming and more rewarding in terms of likes on Instagram or Facebook.

Getting started on shapeshifting selfie culture

Users can swap faces with their favorite actor’s photo and create GIFs and share them with everyone through these apps. This trend is never going to stop considering its duration. These face swap apps have a significant market revenue generation; as per a Google survey, an app like Reface has grabbed total funding of more than $6.5 million in the last quarter of the year 2020. The revenue generation of these apps is breathtaking as compared to other photo editing apps.

There is always a space for a new app like Reface in the market. If you are working on an idea to develop a new portrait ai app, this might a good time to put that plan into action. People are more than excited to try these new features any new app is providing them. As long as you invest in the right ideas and technology, your project can make it big in the market.

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How does face swapping apps becoming so popular? 

If you are a social geek, you must know about the trending topics on social media. Scrolling through your news feed, you must have come across the picture of your friends and colleagues in the uniform of their favorite movie characters. That is done by Reface app. This is an AI app that swaps the faces of two individuals in a video or GIFs just in a few seconds.

How does it works? 

Reface was launched in February and the year 2020. The company’s brand itself as American, but its headquarters are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Reface was previously known as Doublicat and has been in the list of top 5 leading apps in more than 90 countries worldwide. Its success doesn’t stop here; it has grabbed the ‘top app’ award in the annual award function of Google Play’s Best of the year.

The face-changing app has seen a massive spike in terms of the number of downloads. In July 2020, the app had 19.5 million users, and it rapidly increased to a massive figure of 68 million downloads in the next few months.

Working of the face swap app

The Reface app works on AI-powered Deepfake technology to execute these quirky facial replacements. The working process is straightforward; the portrait ai app captures the facial expressions and movements of the users by their high-definition selfies or videos that they upload on this app. With pre-existing images and footage, this app combines the images with the help of extraordinarily editing tools.

Users can swap their faces with any image as long as it is of a human being. The same goes for the GIFs users can integrate their faces in any GIF present on the app. The users just have to upload a pre-clicked high-quality photo or take a new one and upload it. The app detects the face in the uploaded photo and swaps it in the selected GIF with the help of Deepfake technology.

The technology is so efficient that it automatically animates the users’ face to match the facial expressions in the original GIF file, so it doesn’t look unnatural. Users can access hundreds of GIF files in the library of Reface app; you can search for any GIF file with the right keywords and select and proceed to edit it your way.

Apart from a library of GIFs, Reface also allows users to save their multiple photos on the platform to don’t have to upload the same photo repeatedly to edit with different GIFs. Along with exciting features, Reface also delivers mobility as it is available on every central platform like iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

The app offers many of its features as free to use, but if you want to access the premium features and want to remove the watermark from the edited gifs, you’ll have to pay for the subscription. The pro-subscription allows you to access all the available tools on the platform.




Similarities: the way to get traffic + differentiation highlights

In recent years, the "beauty economy" has become a trend, and all kinds of consumer products related to beauty have sprung up like a spring.

App developers also began to eat this big cake, the number of apps mainly focusing on beauty, photo retouching, face changing and other functions are endless, and to quickly occupy the market, it is extremely important to find the differentiation highlights and take advantage of the traffic of the promotion platform.

Identify differentiated highlights

Face swapping app hits the contemporary people's imagination of the time machine, using this software can let you experience the wonderful process of turning from a child into an old man, bringing you back to the childhood in a second, so that the trend of "getting older" and "getting younger" swept the whole Tiktok.

It is not difficult to find that the recent fire Face swapping app has found its own differentiation highlights, to achieve the function that other face swapping apps have not achieved, so as to attract users to download.

Use tiktok and other content platforms to make a strong appearance

The Face swapping app is similar to the first two face swapping apps in that they have been using the tiktok platform to gain volume quickly.

Difference: Aim at the top apps and leverage the momentum to start the volume

After tracing the source, we also found another code for Face swapping app to get the volume - targeting the head app and leveraging the momentum to start the volume.
In the period when Clubhouse was hard to find a code, a large number of developers developed similar voice social apps overnight, and set the metadata such as icon and name very similar to the genuine app, and then quickly launched the App Store, trying to get a share of the domestic market.

Must-have features of a face swap app 

As you have got the idea by now that these face-changing apps have a bright future ahead. This is your time to conquer this lesser-explored territory. Your face swap app should have some basic features that are a must for this genre to achieve success. Remember, the right set of features can get a high ROI.

Face editor

Face editing is a must-have feature as it will allow the users to scan the clicked image and assist them in editing by delivering them options like crop, retake, rotate, adjust light, contrast, etc. This feature will help users select their best photos, and the application will know which part of the face needs to be modified as per the selected GIF.



This feature will act as a search tab or news feed. This section will help the users search for their favorite videos and access popular ones along with the most liked or featured videos of a day. This section will encourage the users to search and try the most used filters of the day. Your app should have this feature to deliver ease of access.

Personalized suggestions


As the app runs on AI-powered Deep faking technology, your app will learn the behavior of users as per their previous choices, and on that basis, it will suggest them some top filters. Remember, personalization is the key, everyone loves to be pampered, and your users will be no different. This feature can increase the engagement rates of your portrait ai app.

Social sharing


Sharing is the main agenda behind the popularity of apps like Reface. Everyone wants to tell the world about their excellent editing skills or every new thing they tried. Your users would want to share the edited GIF made in your app, and to do that, your app should allow sharing of content across all the social media platforms. It will serve you two purposes: your user will be happy by sharing their content, and you will get free brand recognition.

Download/delete videos


If the user made a GIF or a face swap video and changed his/her mind later, then your app should deliver them an option to delete that GIF or video. The same goes with the download feature. This feature will access the storage of the user’s device, and the user has to allow the app for the same. There are various times when users don’t like their edited click or the filters or the apparel color and want to delete it. The highest numbers of the shared contents include the downloaded, edited clicks.

Advanced search functionality


Your face-changing app should have a search button that will allow the users to browse through their favorite filters and creators. Apart from that, your app should have an advanced search option that will allow users to search for popular clips, filters, etc. This feature should allow users to filter their search results based on parameters such as language, popularity, creator, most used, etc.



Uploading is the essential part of any face portrait ai app, as after spending your time on the app while browsing, searching for the correct filter and editing your click, you will ultimately upload it. But if the users have some other filter in their mind and cannot find it on your platform, then your app should have an upload button that will allow them to upload their own video clips or GIFs. This feature will help your app add the other features or filters unavailable in your app’s library.

The development process of a face changer app


With the correct features, you can develop a successful app like Reface. Now you know about all the essential features that you need to embed in your project. The next level is the development process of these apps. Like any other business, you have to analyze the market for your competitors and learn their strategies, if possible.

This research will help you understand the working of this domain. Convene a meeting with all your members and discuss the issue of the budget with them and decide a range of money that you are willing to spend on this project. After that, move to decide the platforms on which you want your app to operate. This decision will decide your app’s success. Operating on more platforms will give your users an ease of mobility.

Technologies to consider 

While developing a face swap app, Artificial Intelligence plays an important role. Along with that revolutionary technology, Google Cloud API is a must. This is the tool that will make your app work faster in terms of operation. This API will work as the critical foundation for your portrait ai app.

To develop a face swap app, Google Cloud API is mandatory as it is a set of different classes, structures, procedures, and functions that exist in a bunch within a cloud. API is responsible for identifying the link between your device and that particular cloud that consists of various layers of information within.

To create images and GIFs with various filters on them, your app will have to use the deep generative convolutional neural networks that are a powerful group of networks. These are used for high-fidelity raw image synthesis, enhancing image compression, and augmenting data. These Understanding Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are known as a structure of an algorithm that uses two of the very conflicting neural networks that contest against each other to create new information.



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