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Case Study: How To Promote Card Games

Jun 17 2021

card game

The popularity of a game depends a lot on whether the game is fun or not, but there is another crucial factor that is the marketing or promotion of the game.

Introduction of card game products

card games are the general name of chess and card entertainment projects, including chess, checkers (included in the first World Intellectual Games project), poker and many other traditional or emerging entertainment projects.

Like traditional PC board games, chess hand games are also divided into chess, cards, bone dice and casual games in terms of gameplay.

Product attributes of card game app


  • Solitaire, mainly Solitaire, Klondike etc.
  • More use in non-WiFi environment
  • More than 40 years old and middle-aged people
  • Midday to evening is the peak time for recharge
  • User lifetime value is higher than the industry average value
  • 8-9pm on working days is the peak time


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The product operation of card games app

Advantages of card game app: Because of its own gaming nature, it has super high user stickiness and ability to pay. To use a common phrase: there is traffic can make money.

Disadvantages of card game app: Due to the factors of different countries' policies and the channel exclusive joint transport mode, many chess products can't get traffic in Android app store, and even can't go online once.

Who is the audience of card game

In our general perception, the main audience of card games is the middle-aged and elderly group, but this is not the case, in fact, card games also have a very large number of young users.

Regardless of stickiness and gender, the audience for traditional card games such as poker is very broad and the ease of playing on cell phones is far greater than physical solitaire.


According to the data provided by GameAnalytics, the secondary retention of card games with average performance can reach 30%, while the secondary retention of head card games can reach 39%.

The seven-day retention of the classic category is relatively high, and card games are one of the highest segmentation types. The seven-day retention of ordinary card games can reach up to 12%, while the seven-day retention of head card games reaches 18%. Overall, the seven-day retention of card games is high, second only to the 20% of text-based games.

Classic is the best type of 28-day retention indicator with slightly more than 10%, closely followed by solitaire games. Among them, the 28-day retention of regular solitaire games reaches 6%, while the metric of top solitaire games reaches 10%.

The above data is only the average of user retention, so in concrete practice, a good solitaire game can expect better data, as the example of Three Magic Towers mentioned above.

As the chart shows, the game's retention rate within a week is as high as 60.73% for its second day of retention and 37.13% for its seven day of retention. Compared with the user retention data of solitaire games provided by GameAnalytics (up to 39% for next day and 18% for seven days), it is much higher. Therefore, a great solitaire game can have very good user retention, and this is very helpful to improve the profitability of the game.

Average usage time

For most types of games, an average usage time of more than 7 minutes is a good standard, while for card games, the average usage time of the head card game is 19 minutes, and even for the average card game, its average usage time can reach 9 minutes. In this indicator, Three Magic Towers, mentioned above, reaches 31 minutes.

User stickiness

The ratio of daily and monthly activity is user stickiness, and the stickiness of solitaire hand games is the second highest among all genres, up to 20% for ordinary solitaire games, and 25% for head solitaire hand games.

Conversion rate

Paid conversions based on internal purchases have declined as advertising realizations are taking up a larger percentage lately. Paid conversions for regular solitaire games are about 0.3%, while conversions for headline solitaire games reach 0.8%.

The operation of the card games category to break the game

iOS has become a big piece of cake that everyone is fighting for. For example, ASO, hot search and so on.

Apple treats all developers equally, the App store positions board games in casino, the default code is not to promote card games.

For the system list ranking does not interfere, for infringement and violation of hand games have shelf processing.

Android main channel is non-app store type, such as offer wall, push and so on.Android pipeline, currently the larger pipeline platform have their own card games, not many recommended resources for other chess, usually card game CP submitted through, need to rely on some relationships to get a small number of recommendations.

In some periods or situations, solitaire and handicap games will also encounter notices such as downgrades, name changes, and content modifications.

Promotion channels of card games category

Offline promotion: companies with time and energy may want to try to use offline promotion to get users, this way is simple and brutal, the users come relatively quickly.

Pay attention to effective keywords: For attracting high quality ios users, the importance of App Store hot list is self-evident, so we can pay attention to this way when promoting.

The same for the study of effective keywords and will cover it as a way to get the attention of users, the popular search list, graphic comments optimization and so on are the key concerns of enterprises need to focus on.

Posting: At present, the effect of this form of posting is not so direct, but still useful.

Social media platforms: these platforms are necessary to do, the user community is so large, do a good job can bring a lot of users.

The market environment of card games

Chess mobile games are currently available in a wide range of products, with varying quality, and overall the traditional card cp holds most of the market.

But there are also emerging mobile handicraft manufacturers occupy a certain market, and even some revenue has exceeded the revenue of some traditional cp manufacturers' products.

Solitaire globalization has 2 biggest obstacles

Language and culture, because different countries in different regions play and like to have differences, to enter the overseas market need to understand the market positioning user needs, the same to the United States for example, the United States has more than 50 states, each state's population distribution and wealth level are different, which is to enter the market before must understand.

Understand the properties of the advertising platform, different advertising platform for the user population differences.

At present, whether it is Android pipeline or iOS, Casino or gaming games, although the United States has three states have got the Internet gambling license, but in most states gambling is still not allowed) will not recommend the promotion of chess type games, the platform for chess products audit is also more strict.

Solitaire has a long history, and board games based on the Internet era have been around for many years.

From these points we can clearly see that there is no unification of the world, and there will be a wave of changes whenever a new game or form appears.

How to develop the market of small and medium hand card games CP

The tournament is a form of development of the existence of the card game, and in a sense a means of promotion and publicity, while the card game is also a competition event of the Smart Games.

The current solitaire tournament has no obvious distinction between online or offline activities, solitaire tournaments are generally in the form of online auditions and offline competitions.

As a mature product promotion program, the first and most important thing we need to understand is the advantage of our own product, or rather: differentiation.

As a local solitaire app, the biggest difference with popular solitaire game products is the cultural difference, for example, you may not be able to distinguish the difference between Spanish and French, but you must be able to understand the difference between local language and local language.

The biggest advantage of local solitaire is that local players have a natural affinity to the game.

How to promote the local chess mobile game


Search Engine Promotion

Advantage: accurate user targeting and high quality.

Disadvantages: local precise traffic is limited, and the traffic of generic words is too mixed and expensive.

Because the product is a local chess game APP, the traffic that search engines can bring is actually rather limited and is not a key promotion channel.

Information flow

Advantage: Large traffic flow and relatively accurate users if the background is set properly.

Disadvantage: Some platforms may have restrictions on the promotion of board games.

The biggest difference between infomercials and traditional online alliance ads is that the ads are shown on the channels' own platforms.

For card games, infomercial ads will be an important channel to bring you users. The methods of placement are also different, some channels are based on keywords and some channels are based on users' interest points. According to the feedback of some operators, the effect is still good.

Poster promotion (offline)

Advantage: The promotion method is simple and easy to operate, and can achieve precise placement in the target market. If the content is supplemented with relevant promotions and competitions, it can continuously influence local people with a high exposure rate, which is more cost-effective compared with other offline promotion methods.

Disadvantage: The effectiveness of promotion depends largely on the attractiveness and design of the poster content.

Local forum and portal advertising (online)

Online advertising placement is the most common and mature promotion method, moreover, it is an essential long-term strategy. However, since it is a local chess game, the placement platform should focus on local famous portals and forums to promote relevant information to local netizens to the maximum extent.

Cost: There are two means: free and paid. Free means are mainly in the form of self-posting, soft copy delivery, ad space swap, etc.; paid means are mainly in the form of hard ads, prize essays, lotteries and other related activities.

Advantages: various forms, large choice, wide coverage of the population, controllable activity process and costs, suitable for long-term publicity to sustain the impact.


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