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Case Study: How To Promote a Social App?

Jun 7 2021

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ASO is the technique of using the ranking algorithm rules of App Store and major Android app markets to improve the ranking of apps in app store listings and search results to enhance natural download new activation. 

The following ASO World briefly introduces the steps and techniques of ASO optimization for social apps.

The fast-paced city life has reduced a lot of opportunities for people to make friends, and many people even live under the same roof have little communication, so people desperately want to make friends in a time-consuming and low-cost way, so social apps are born.

Especially the progress of carrying information transfer tools has made social apps also usher in great development opportunities, but there are already as many social apps in the application market as there are cows, and many developers are squeezing their heads to develop their apps to this amazing field.

How to stand out among these huge and diverse apps is a problem that developers and operators cannot escape.

ASO World recommends a cost-controlled and effective promotion method -- App Store Optimization Promotion.

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What’s a social app?

A social app is any app that allows users to interact with each other by sharing ideas, distributing information, or otherwise expressing themselves within a virtual community.

But, of course, you already knew that…

Social apps need no introduction. They’re used by billions of people around the world on a daily basis and seem to have taken up a permanent residence at the top of app store charts. From Facebook to Instagram and YouTube, social apps have literally changed the world.

They’ve even launched new industries—15 years ago, Instagram influencers, YouTube personalities, and Facebook ads experts didn’t exist. Today, people use social media platforms to build careers and make money in previously unimagined ways.

You might think that the Facebooks and Twitters of the world don’t have to worry about ASO. After all, everybody already knows about and loves these apps, right?

In reality, a well-crafted ASO strategy is essential to the continued success of these apps. Without one, they would lose users to an endless stream of upstart platforms, looking to take their place at the top of the Apple App and Google Play charts.


Case study

Social apps: categories

Before we dive into the meat of this analysis, App Store creatives for social apps, we need to talk about something a little more mundane but equally as important: categories.

You might be surprised to learn that not all top-grossing social apps place themselves in the “Social Networking” category in the iOS store. In fact, only 12 of the apps we analyzed (48%) identify themselves this way. Other options include News, Business, and Photo and Video.

Out of the 25 apps we looked at, only two of them had completely unique categories. TikTok falls into the “Entertainment” category, while Pinterest fits comfortably into “Lifestyle”.

The question is, why aren’t all of these apps in the “Social Networking” category? Would anyone deny that Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are social apps? Yet these networks are placed in the News, Business, and Photo and Video categories respectively.

Our belief is that developers place their apps in ulterior categories in order to differentiate their offerings from the horde of other apps flooding the iOS store.

Social Networking is competitive. By placing your app in a different category, you can increase your rankings in the charts, drive more organic traffic to your App Store page, and (hopefully!) generate more installs, users, and revenue.

ASO of a social app

Now that we’ve covered categories, we can talk about icons—a vastly underrated element of your ASO strategy. Why? Because your icon is the most visible app store creative you have. It appears everywhere, from search results to category charts to Facebook ad campaigns.

Our research shows that an optimized icon can boost conversions by as much as 30%! Let’s take a look at the icons for the top social apps to see if any patterns emerge.

Brand words, title optimization

Usually developers choose their own brand words for the main title, but most of them forget to set the sub-title.

A good title and subtitle will not only help to absorb the volume, but also grab a head start in ASO.

Currently Apple backend allows titles up to 255 bytes.

It is better to set the main title to be more eye-catching, so that users can intuitively feel what the app is doing, it can be called "XX Social", "XX Marriage", the search power of the title keyword is greater than the keyword domain Keyword, we recommend you to add some industry words, combined into a subtitle, such as "hometown dating social app", can improve the natural ranking of keywords, its importance is self-evidented, the following will also focus on.

However, it is not recommended that the title pile of words, try to use long sentences, avoid too many short words, to two long sentences is better. Otherwise, it is easy to audit does not pass.

Recently there are many developers to ASO World has reflected that there are such reasons for rejection.

Keyword coverage

The setting of keywords is mainly by the Keyword column in the backend of Apple developers.

At present, the number of keywords covered by the top ranking social apps in Apple App Store is more than 6000, and there are even apps that reach 12,000 keywords covered, which shows how much importance social apps attach to the coverage.

The setting of keywords is mainly by the Keyword column in the background of Apple developers.

Social products are usually difficult to work in the way of keyword setting as usually said due to the large number of competing products and the uneven quality.

In addition to making full use of the high weight of the title, to achieve two basic purposes: First, the industry words want to achieve effective coverage, the importance of the general ranking according to the degree of heat; second, as much as possible to cover the high degree of brand words.

Selected case to "social" keyword ranking first app, the first keyword coverage number reached 8484, social, dating, dating, marriage and other industry words such as basic coverage of high popularity coverage is perfect.

Keyword ranking: Bring more exposure and downloads

Keyword ranking optimization is the focus of ASO, because we can bring exposure and download is the keyword ranking, statistics prove that 65% of users are through the keyword search to get the products they want, the higher the keyword ranking effect is more obvious, keyword ranking effect of the best top 3, search index 7000+ words in the top 5 and top 10 will also have a good effect, after the top 10 words almost invalid. The best effect of keyword ranking top 3, search index 7000+ words in top 5 and top 10 will also have a good effect, top 10 after the word almost invalid, social networking industry keywords are relatively hot, ranking optimization can be the goal of top 10. some of the less hot long words can be optimized to top 3.

There are many factors that affect the ranking, such as the location of the keywords mentioned above, the number of times the words appear in the comments, but the most actionable is the amount of downloads brought about by the keyword, so the way to do ranking (search index <7500) is through advertising, a certain amount of daily search and download ads to steadily improve the product search ranking, in order to improve exposure, the higher the search index The higher the search index, the more volume is needed.


To achieve the above coverage is not very difficult, mastering a few tips can be achieved.

The title should be covered with high relevance and hot words as much as possible


The title as far as possible to cover the high relevance of the hot behavior of words, word count control within 30, audit basic can pass.

Use high hot keywords in the keywords as much as possible


Keywords as far as possible is the use of high hot keywords, high hot words are far more likely to be split and restructured than other words.

Control repeated keywords


Control the number of commas to avoid repeating keywords.

Core keywords


Core words can be initially included in the recommended separate separation, with the inclusion of the words can be combined, repeat the operation, each update after the keyword coverage number can be increased.

Only when you submit a new version, you can modify the words in the title and Keyword, which need to be reviewed and approved by Apple in order to take effect. The time cost is not small, so each version of the keyword program needs to be developed carefully.

Interface optimization: What improves conversion rate

After having the exposure, it is important to know how to improve the conversion rate. The so-called conversion rate = total number of visits to perform actions/total visits, and in the app store the conversion rate = number of downloads/search.

Optimizing app descriptions, app screenshots, and Icons to improve users' first impressions can increase conversion rates, which in turn will lead to more new activations.

Reviews optimization

In Apple's rule adjustment time and again, the weight of reviews has dropped to the lowest in history, and the impact on keyword ranking and list ranking is far less than before.

In addition, Apple has a random check mechanism for reviews. The number of reviews/IP of review accounts/reviews in the proportion of activations/uninstallation rate of review users/quality of the reviews themselves will receive undirected monitoring by Apple, and once the data is abnormal, they may face the risk of deletion/warning/even downgrading.

However, the review star rating is still the key to improve the conversion rate besides the application description, application screenshots and Icons. The review is a kind of experience feedback after using the product in the impression of most users, and the review of good use experience will write positive comments, while the poor use experience will write bad comments.

Through real user downloads to write original five-star reviews, on the one hand, can improve the conversion rate, but also slightly improve the coverage and ranking of keywords.

App Store list ranking optimization

Most of the social apps are in the social category list, currently there is a great risk to do the list ranking by technical means, although the cost is not high, but the benefit is great, but the app without package is still not recommended to do the list ranking.

In summary, the ASO optimization and promotion strategy of social App is also no more than the above points, but for social App, self-propagation is much more important, and the activity and retention of customers are often related to the life and death of social App, which means that the pre-optimization and pre-promotion of social App are very important, in addition to ASO, brand promotion should be carried out to improve the base of users.



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