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Case Study: How To Nail Down the Promotion of a Make up App

May 27 2021

makeup app

In this era of information explosion and universal entrepreneurship, we have heard too many Internet entrepreneurial success stories. 

Looking back at the explosive growth of each new model, in addition to the strong technical advantages, the unique operation methodology plays an extremely core driving force in it.

Aiming your target audience

The core work of user profiling is to label users. Labels are usually highly refined characteristics that are artificially specified, such as age, gender, geography, interests, etc. These labels can abstract the whole picture of a user.

Each label describes a dimension of the user, and each dimension is interconnected with each other, which together constitute an overall description of the user.

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Why do you need user personas for your app

User personas bring generic user groups to life so that product teams can identify with them on a personal level. With data and empathy, user personas improve the quality and efficiency of design work. 

Designers can address user pain points accurately while meeting the needs of the business. Additionally, narrowing in on a specific set of users will yield higher download rates, and more importantly, it will maintain in-app engagement over time.

Analyze research data

We summarize the methods of constructing user portraits and find that the construction of user portraits can be generally divided into three steps: target analysis, system construction and portrait establishment.

Map interaction scenarios

Mobile app user personas are only valuable when they’re active in interaction scenarios. A scenario illustrates how a particular persona will interact with the mobile product in a relevant context to achieve the primary goal. This process is how product teams determine the product’s core user journeys. Scenarios are always written from the persona’s perspective and are high-level depictions of the product’s user flow. 

Creating strategic focus for design decisions

Raw data is often difficult to interpret; however, a persona encapsulates the research and communicates the trends to others in a way that they can understand and visualize. 

There are usually people with varying skills and expertise in a product team that could potentially cause a difference of opinion. 

A user persona is an excellent tool to avoid confusion and miscommunication throughout the development process. 

The persona communicates ideas and concepts with the product team and stakeholders. Effectively, a mobile app user persona ensures that everyone is on the same page and understands who will be using the product. 

App promotion case study and summary




This app is a female-oriented makeup app, and ASO World has tailored an app promotion plan for it, i.e. ASO ranking optimization service, with remarkable results.

For the most beautiful ASO optimization service, we take the list ranking optimization service.

We first conduct technical analysis and audit of the app, see if it can be done and the feasibility of optimization, and then charge according to the size of the app's capacity and the strength of the list ranking optimization.

We usually choose Wednesday or Friday to optimize the list ranking service, because according to the industry rules we analyze that the comprehensive effect of the list will be better in these two days.

Of course, due to the different quality and subject matter of APPs in the App Store, the competition of APP ranking changes a lot, so we can't guarantee the duration of ranking after reaching the target, but we will try our best to increase user stickiness and maintain the top ranking as much as possible, fortunately the actual effect is good.

After optimizing the list ranking, Best Beauty has been in the top 125 of Google Play best-seller list for a long time, and even entered the top 16 of Google Play overall list at one time.

This boosting brought the app not only an increase in the number of users, but also a promotion of this app as a brand.

In fact, after the end of the ranking optimization, the app still remains in the top of the best-seller list, bringing in a lot of loyal users every day.

App store optimization: important content in the first three lines

In previous case studies, ASO World has mentioned the application description, the important content should be placed in the first three lines.

Because the information displayed in the App Store is limited, the content that users can generally see at a glance is also limited to the first three lines.

Only when these three lines are written in an attractive way, users will have the desire to read the whole article.

Proper marketing is necessary

The application description must be able to " compliment" itself, for example, if you are doing video, you can put your own click-through rate; if you are doing games, you can highlight the download rate of the application; if you are a big brand, you can put the user share data and so on.

The purpose of doing so is to reflect how popular their products are, but also easier to promote user downloads. (Of course, if not, it does not matter, you can describe the product advantages and features as the entry point.)

Use current news and social opinion

What is social opinion? Celebrity recommendations, winning media awards, and positive user reviews all belong to social opinion.

If you say your product is good, you may only attract some users.

But if you add social opinion, it will be more convincing, and naturally more users will be willing to know your app product.

Highlight new activities and offers

This is actually quite understandable, for example, shopping apps can highlight the latest offers; video apps can highlight new dramas; audio apps can highlight new albums and so on.

The purpose of highlighting new activities and new offers in the app description is to highlight the differentiation advantage of the app compared with similar products.

Building user empathy

Good UX leaves a lasting impression. Many companies struggle when it comes to providing meaning and forming a connection with users. Meaningful products have personal significance and resonate with users by aligning with their values. 

Many products in the market are aesthetically pleasing and usable but still lack meaning. It’s essential to determine what impression the product leaving with its users. 

This distinction is the difference between an app that users return to and one they uninstall. Empathizing with users is an essential component of UX design. 

As much as possible, designers need to step outside their frame of reference and become the user if they’re going to create a mobile solution that stands out in the market. 

Building user empathy is the first stage in the design thinking process. Empathy in design thinking is a deep understanding of the problems and realities of the people you are designing for.” 

Empathizing with users involves learning about their challenges and discovering their latent needs to explain their behaviors better. The empathizing process involves observing and engaging with people the product is intended for and experiencing their physical environment. 

With the help of user personas, product teams can: 

Share a similar perspective to the user. User personas help designers think above and beyond their assumptions and recognize that different people have individual needs and expectations. 

By practicing empathy and adopting the perspective of the end-user, designers can extrapolate user needs more accurately.

Identify with the end-user of the product. When a user persona is considered “real,” the entire product team focuses on delivering the best product for that person. 

While most of a user persona description is rooted in research findings, it is still partially fictitious. When creating user persona descriptions, the data needs to be balanced with some fictional elements to create empathy. 

Striking the right balance is vital. If the persona is created from too much research data and the design direction can lose focus, and if every detail is imaginary, the persona loses credibility.


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