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Case Study: How To Create the Best Music Streaming App

Aug 13 2021



Streaming platforms have revolutionized the music industry and the way consumers discover and listen to music. In 2018 alone, streaming contributed over $3.4 billion to the music industry with streaming profits accounted for over 75% of the overall revenue for the entire recorded music industry. 

Over 229 million people globally subscribe to a streaming service and it is estimated that by 2022 the number of global paid music streaming service subscribers will reach 350 million. Geographically speaking, in 2018 the USA saw the greatest penetration of streaming services.

Types of music streaming apps


  • Radio station
  • On demand streaming services


Music streaming apps: how to create own music app

Music app development needs an immense understanding of targeting the audience because of the mood services. The above steps carry ample info to make something beyond the expectation.


If you are not familiar with app development, then it’s good to hire a reputed mobile app development company. Here are some of the key challenge to make the best music streaming apps for Android and iPhone.

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Most popular music streaming services


  • Add features like Social Sharing, Playlist, Library, Search, and Recommendations.
  • Try to give accurate song recommendations.
  • Use notifications wisely to insist.
  • Choose services like Radio, Feature Artist, Latest songs.
  • Create a personalized playlist for users i.e. latest album.
  • Ask user for interest, region, language, and Genere.
  • Design easy & attractive mobile app UI.


Learn from the best


As we all know the music app development requires a good app development partner. Hire the right mobile app development company that can revere to your idea and make something beyond the expectation.

Remember one thing, Most popular music streaming services are once a baby app, so be original and unique. Creating an app doesn’t mean you’re all done, the actual race starts here.

Music streaming app monetize planning

First, decide either offer the app for free or paid at the App Store. If you’re allowing users for free download, then you can create a freemium version.

Freemium Version = Free + Premium

  • Free Version: Limited Access, Free Streaming, Fixed Song Download
  • Premium Version: Full Access, latest Soundtracks, Podcast Streaming

Monetize Methods For Free App

  • Revenue from the subscription
  • Paid features and Paid Accounts
  • No Ads (Like Youtube Premium)
  • Paid — Unlimited Free Listing
  • High Quality & Latest Sound


What you need to consider while create music streaming apps

Before music app development, set back to evaluate belove points.


Choose your region/country

Like music has no boundaries, similar to the app development. It has no sore because of Internet capabilities. But… As mentioned earlier, the popularity of the music app encourages many app owners to create a music streaming app.

So, you have two options, either compete with big brands like Spotify and SoundCloud or create an app for a limited audience. Choosing a region can save your time for selecting other features like language, storage, and so on.

You can easily target the audience and create features according to them. App promotion also helps your app because of the special limited audience. Making your app global is also not bad things.

Music streaming license


The biggest headache for app owners to create an app like Spotify that it needs licensing. It’s not a cakewalk or not a PDF file which can easily download in your PC. One must pay royalties for streaming digital music by paid licensing.

There are two types of Music Royalty license:

  • Sound Recording Label for distributer like Sony Music
  • Song Writer or Composer license for Creator

All in all your app need to register for public music license, otherwise, you’re app violating Copyright laws. For the USA region, you need to connect with an organization like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC for public performance license.

Song recommendation -- AI


Apple Music has everything attractive UI, Memoji, playlist and so on but still iPhone users searching for the alternative of the in-built app. The reason is poor song recommend and boring personalize playlist.

To give an accurate recommendation like Spotify, your app needs enough info about the particular person and machine algorithm. If you remembered Spotify like app asks personal interest, genre while creating an account.

So all you have to do is, create an app that can suggest perfect song according to users. To do this you need to insist on users for their personal data permission. The data security is another issue.

Must features in music streaming app


  • Easy Steps To Create Users Account
  • Cloud Storage For Online Data Usage
  • Fast & Accurate Search Option
  • Relevant Speech Recognition
  • Easy Access For Library & Playlist
  • Allow Song Download & Play Offline
  • Notification With Recommendation

You can allow users to upload their own content to give a personal touch. It’s not necessary but this can turn out a USP for your app.

Case study: Spotify

Spotify is a household name in music streaming, but while it's clear they're leveraging ASO to get more downloads, there are issues with their strategy that are costing them potential impressions.

In this ASO teardown, we'll be looking at what Spotify is doing with its ASO. What works, what doesn't, and what you can learn from its page to get more impressions and downloads for your app.

Spotify by the numbers

Before we start analyzing Spotify's page, let's get some background on the app's performance on the App Store:

  • 4.8M estimated downloads in the last month
  • About 30% from the US, the rest from all over the world
  • #1 in the Music category in the US
  • 95% of new ratings were positive in the last month

For ASO purposes, this means they can take on many competitive keywords.

Analyzing Spotify’s ASO strategy


Key components of ASO: keywords, to get found and send more people to the app's page, and visuals, to convert those people into users (aka. downloads).

For iOS apps, there are three areas Apple looks at for keywords: the app's name, subtitle, and keyword list. Since the keyword list is private, let's analyze Spotify's name and subtitle:

  • Name: Spotify: Music and Podcasts
  • Subtitle: Discover the latest songs


Spotify vs. the competition - competing with Apple isn't easy

With its current strategy, Spotify is taking on two different types of competitors. Music streaming apps (such as Pandora) and podcast players (such as Overcast). And Apple.


For music streaming, Spotify's most notable competition comes from direct rivals Apple Music and Pandora. Although Apple Music is bundled with every iPhone it can also be downloaded from the store and shows up in search results. Even though Apple has the advantage, Spotify leads the pack here, ranking in more popular keywords than both Apple and Pandora.


On the podcast side of things, there isn't a clear winner. Apple has a podcast player but it leaves a lot to be desired, making room for smaller competitors like Overcast, and The Podcast App. Because Spotify is new(ish) to the podcast game however, it trails behind all three. They'd need a tougher strategy to penetrate the top results for these keywords.

It might be hard to fathom, but not everyone has Spotify's app on their phone. That's why Spotify is investing in ASO. Their keyword strategy leaves out useful keywords, but their screenshots do a great job converting the traffic they get.

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