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Case Study: Boost Your App to The Top Now with Keywords Install only In Aso World

Apr 2 2021

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ASO is one of the important ways to get the traffic and download conversion rate of the app by helping the app get higher exposure in the app store and improve the keyword coverage and keyword search ranking of the product, which in general means to expose the app and get more organic users.

Whether it's a mobile game or an app, word selection is one of the most important aspects of ASO keyword optimization. A good keyword strategy will get twice the result with half the effort, while choosing the wrong word will not only fail to achieve the expected results, but may also lead to a waste of advertising investment.

ASO World app ranking service

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In the ASO optimization project, word selection is usually divided into two separate steps.

Metadata (name, subtitle, keywords) set when the word selection, the main purpose is to enhance the number of keyword coverage by selecting words to group words.

What keywords to choose for ranking optimization

After finishing the ASO metadata optimization, I believe your app should cover most of the industry search hot words, and then you will face a problem, how to choose keywords for ranking optimization?


Case study: boosting your app under your choosing keywords


For example, for a new app, as shown in the image below, all the search terms are most related to "movie", what words should be chosen to start the traffic optimization? If we only consider the search traffic (expected revenue), then there is no doubt that "film" with the highest search traffic is the best.

case study

The app shown above is one of ASO World’s client, his app is mainly running under life style category, with our help, his app rank 3rd, 2nd, and the 1st under 3 very hot keywords, and the whole process took only for 4 days with a very low rate for $51.25.


Increasing of app in app stores is multiple collaborative process


As you can see, app ranking is a consequence of multiple collaborative process, in ASO world, with our ASO expert, we can make you a tailored plan, so you can easily rank your app to the top list with a increase both in visibility and traffic.

App ranking cannot be improved without keywords. Keywords determine how well your app appears in the list of search results when people do a search in the App Store.

Because higher rankings can give your game higher exposure, it is necessary to know how to name your app and how to use keywords properly.

In order to get the maximum number of keywords, you must analyze your competitors and see what keywords are best for them. We also have to check what type of keywords are used by the top studios in the industry to learn from their keyword strategies.

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