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Case Study: A Complete Tutorial of How to Promote a IP Based Game at ASO World

May 21 2021

IP based game promotion

IP based mobile game user scale exceeds 150 million

"Recently, the "2020-2021 mobile game IP market development report", data show that: in 2020 IP adaptations of mobile game revenue for the first time more than $15 million USD, while the core users more than 150 million."

The current development of mobile IP game industry

In the mobile game market, more and more developers are using IPs from the movie, anime and game sectors that are highly recognizable.

With Apple's new IDFA regulations, IPs are likely to become even more important than in the past, as they help handheld titles attract new players.

The most popular IPs at the moment


This includes traditional physical novels, online novels and animation, among which traditional literary IP (novels) have greater IP value due to their deep cultural heritage and fan accumulation.

The biggest characteristics of this type of promotion audience are.

Have literacy and have consumption power. The vast majority of "book fans" are not handicraft fans, aged between 12 and 40, with high cultural literacy, facing hundreds and thousands of books without blinking, and facing its adaptation of the game, the possibility of consumption.

Retention rate is low, mainly because of hobbies, but once the game is well-made, loyalty is often located in the forefront.

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Movies and TV

The overlap between film and TV drama and game users is higher, and the age and characteristics of the audience are similar.

But the film and television IP cooperation and other IP is different because it will consider whether the schedule is synchronized, whether the marketing can cooperate with the sharing of resources; whether the mutual implantation in the research and development stage can intervene earlier to ensure that the content matches, which puts forward very high requirements for the game market research and development and operation, but the profit brought naturally is also extraordinary.

The retention rate of pure "book fans" and pure "movie fans" is the lowest, and the retention rate of pure "fans" is the highest, which is determined by their cultural literacy and personality factors.

The "three types of cross-users" are the main output users of the game, with the highest activity and the highest retention rate, and are most easily moved by emotions.

The scale of the audience group is the largest, and the climax during the just hot period is hard to be reached by other categories.

Old game IP reinvention

Innovative elements added to the old IP undoubtedly inject fresh blood, for the old IP fresh while also increasing the playability of the game.

The big IP endorsement only allows the game to quickly attract attention in the short term, the original IP based on innovation and re-creation while operating a good player nostalgia, is one of the long-term operation of the winning plan.

What is the value of IP?

A high-quality IP can help a game import a large number of users in the early stage, thus saving promotion costs, with a 3 to 7 times impact on its conversion rate and a 2 times difference in revenue.

IP makes the game worldview faster to build

Whether a game is good or not depends on whether the worldview is complete, and IPs usually have a complete and logical worldview.

IP reduces user learning cost

IP can make players familiar with the product as soon as possible, make the game characters more recognizable, increase the sense of immersion and involvement in the game, and thus achieve the purpose of increasing user viscosity.

IP brings the gimmick to attract fans

IP can provide a good publicity gimmick, which can not only drive the original IP fan base, but also distinguish the game from general games.

Double effect of fans and famous writers, stronger ability to pay

Will pay for the content of the novel are hardcore fans of the novel, the possibility of payment is greater than ordinary players.

The work has been verified by the market, easy to catch the target group - young users' preferences

Serialized novels have been verified by the market, the risk factor is small, and the IP popularity can increase the import efficiency of new users; in addition, online literature reflects the current needs of young people to the greatest extent, and the target users of the game have a very high degree of overlap.

Attract the attention of channels

The game has IP is already the standard, a game without IP, can not attract the attention of the channel or recommendation.

How to accomplish the accurate marketing of IP based game under the business model of IP + game?

The game has IP is already the standard, a game without IP, can not attract the attention of the channel or recommendation.

You need to take the advantage of the IP to optimize your game

Many of the same type of IP based game on the market, its market performance is not the same, CP after all the hard work to get IP, how should the IP value to the maximum?

Industry insiders believe that under the premise of guaranteeing product quality, it is necessary to strengthen close cooperation with channels, refine the operation of IP products and enhance the value of IP, which is a problem that must be faced by any game product that wants to succeed in the future.

Deep cooperation with channels includes targeted promotion, data monitoring, thematic activities, offline activities, etc., to help IP and users deep links.

This three-dimensional promotion, marketing activities and location recommendation can stimulate and help the game to improve its overall performance.

Content innovation on the basis of paying attention to IP substance and improving game quality

Although the game relies on familiar content can win the participation of a large number of nostalgic elements, but filled with a variety of cool dumping technology, content-rich game army, only rely on sentiment is far from enough, not to mention the level of young players today aesthetic straight up, but on this point of technology, nostalgic elements are also practiced by rookies to a high level.

Therefore, it is necessary to do innovation on the basis of the original. To be innovate, first of all, we must deeply understand the essence of the game IP, an excellent game IP, is never a marketing tool that can be recklessly extracted value, but needs to be operated to incubate the value-added fine content.

Explosive game IP may be extremely popular for a while, but after a few years, months or even weeks, it will appear to be collectively forgotten.

Multi-Channel Promotion

It is because there is a major IP, so in marketing, channel paving is especially important.

On the one hand, when the game is launched, the only way to hit the players' hearts in one fell swoop is to build momentum on the platform with the most public opinion; on the other hand, multi-channel promotion can bring more discussions under information dispersion.

The most important thing is that in the communication, the audience should be screened according to their age, first of all, they should be the first to be close to the old players of that era, based on their existing payment ability as well as word-of-mouth communication, which can ensure both the game's sound volume and the realization.

Combined with movies and TV, through celebrities or influencers to promote

At present, many IPs are created and promoted through movies and TV, stars and internet celebrities bring their own traffic, through them, users' attention will be attracted to them.

Of course, there is also the video platform which is hot nowadays, through influencer to introduce or personally experience the game IP, which may be more direct than the stars, and the price is also suitable.


The timing

The value of IP has high and low, so everyone is scrambling for the explosive IP.


Difference in the degree of IP value

Any IP has a certain timeliness, to grasp the balance of IP promotion hotspots and timeliness is the key.


The degree of fit between IP cultural attributes and the game itself

If an IP is reused, but has been divided many times, the remaining value is very little.

IP cultural attributes and the game itself fit

one of the reasons why many manufacturers get a good hand but still play badly is to ignore the lack of knowledge of the differences between the two expression media in the process of converting from the original IP carrier to the game carrier, which causes irreversible damage to the original content essence and makes the core fan base unacceptable.

To fully study the original IP user group

The lack of thorough understanding of the essence of the IP and the resulting mediocre response is the common problem of most IP games failing to return.


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