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Before Launching Your App: How To Choose Promotion Channels for Your App

Jun 22 2021

Apps promotion channels

After the App is launched, promoting the product through various App promotion channels is one of the key operation work, operators are trying to find ways to maximize the brand effect with minimal investment, by focusing all the promotion resources on a possible outbreak point, constantly amplifying, constantly analyzing, waiting for the outbreak process, and finally attracting more users and increasing their market share.

Find a good app promotion channel can make app operation and promotion to achieve twice the result with half the effort, many people in the first promotion will think of free promotion channels, but often do not see the effect for a long time, and then turned to the app paid promotion channels, in fact, there are many app promotion channels, there are many to choose from, for this, we might as well take a look at what are?

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What are the categories of promotion channels?

Since we have to choose a channel, we first need to know what channels are available. There are countless promotion channels and marketing platforms on the Internet.

Regardless of how the number of placement channels increases and decreases, they can basically be divided into three types.

Brand category: brand advertising to establish the product brand image, improve the market share of the brand for the direct purpose of highlighting the spread of the brand in the minds of consumers to determine the location of a method. Most of them appear in search engines in the form of product specialties and direct numbers.

Display category: The so-called display advertising is a kind of advertising in the form of images that are billed per thousand displays and can be placed in feeds and blog pages. This kind of advertising is usually called CPM advertising.

Performance-based: In a performance-based advertising system, advertisers only pay for measurable results. Search engine trends are considered performance-based advertising.

How to choose from so many channels?

Whether it is the selection of channels, or performance, the most important thing is to understand the user.

Research of users

The purpose of user research is to provide a relevant data base for production.

What is users’ research?

User research refers to the total characteristics of research matters by getting suggestions and opinions from respondents in various ways and summarizing them.

Why should I conduct the research?

Use data to make results more accurate.

The premise of successful advertising promotion is presentation, so that it does or says the right thing to the right person in the right place at the right time.

The process of describing accurate user profiles is solving the problem of converting data into business value, so to speak, by mining gold and silver from big data.

In the era of mobile Internet, users use their cell phones to search for nearly 4~5 hours a day, and there are tens of millions of social networking sites and forums that provide information browsing.

Which cities are the users we want to find, which websites are they browsing everyday, what information they pay attention to, etc., are all important clues to guide us to choose the accurate placement channels.

Based on the many fragments of user behavior collected to restore the user's attributes, social background, interests and preferences, and even reveal the inner needs, personality characteristics, social crowd and other potential attributes.

After understanding the various consumption behaviors and needs of users, the crowd characteristics are accurately carved, and the aggregation of different dimensions of user characteristics is carried out for specific business scenarios. It is then possible to recover the data into a user image, which can guide the analysis of consumption scenarios and the selection of placement channels.

Solve the consumer purchase decision process

Knowing the users' preferences, the places they frequent and the websites they visit, it is finally time to choose the channel of delivery. However, each user has a different level of demand for the product.

There are those who don't know about the product, and those who are still thinking about it. Users are at different stages and choose different channels and marketing methods.

Therefore, we also need to understand the consumer purchase decision process.

Consumer purchase decision is the process by which consumers carefully evaluate the attributes of a product, brand or service and make a choice to purchase a product that meets a specific need.

It is a systematic process of decision-making activities, including the determination of needs, the formation of purchase motives, the choice and implementation of purchase options, post-purchase evaluation and other aspects.

Discover the product, lead to the needs

With the upgrade of Internet consumption, advertisers have gone from passively waiting for consumers to actively search using search engines such as Baidu to taking the initiative and precisely pushing according to user profiles. This change can be a great blessing to the newly listed products with low visibility.

So in the early stage of product listing, we need to accurately insight into the consumer crowd online and offline long habitat, to achieve precise placement, accurate reach and awaken demand. What is needed more at this stage is to expose the product.

Collect information: the desire of purchasing

When a user receives information about a new product promotion and becomes interested in wanting to buy it, further information about the product is collected. Maybe it's a user review, or maybe it's a news report.

Conversion process: the decision of purchasing

As your app hits the user's needs, the user clicks on your ad, enters the app, sees a simple fill in the household information to know the offer, and quickly fills in the information.


Post-purchase behavior: continuous repurchase

Old customers need to re-purchase, after planning activities, by re-targeting old customers again exposure, stimulate demand, cycle the above process, to achieve to the purpose of continuous re-purchase.

Promotion channel


ASO is a promotion channel that allows your app to rank higher or even top in organic rankings in a short period of time.

Through ASO, your app can quickly gain organic traffic to make your business profitable.

App store promotion

App stores promotion is currently one of the main app promotion channels, but also the channel with the largest number of user downloads. Mainly including major cell phone stores, third-party application stores, etc. for large-scale coverage, the larger the platform released, the better the effect of promotion.

Content marketing

Increase the social media exposure of app software, especially those with authoritative mobile Internet media. The first step to attract users is to expose on the network, improve user word of mouth and increase publicity.

Online advertising

Online advertising is effective for obtaining traffic and increasing awareness. The more common ones are PC ads, hard ads, search ads, and now there are cell phone network ads, which can precisely match the user base and have better results.

Internet developing platform

Submitting the app to the Internet development platform to enjoy the vast number of users can add a different perspective to the user experience and increase the amount of users.

Development of web-based mobile apps

Integrate mobile Internet and WEB channels to open up product sales outside the smartphone platform.

Paid advertising

Although this method needs to spend a lot of money, the effect is not necessarily reflected in a timely manner, but the power of the subtle brand effect is unpredictable, users can see that ad every day, for attracting traffic is absolutely good choice.

Short video marketing

Now the short video platform is also unusually hot, the traffic is huge, if you can win the eye of the user in the short video platform, this is a very good method for app promotion, but the premise is to have quality video content.

Social media marketing

Social media is a large channel that can communicate with a large number of users in close proximity, and is also the most influential channel classification, make full use of social media to interact with users, increase user stickiness and make the app more popular.

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