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ASO Keywords Selection Strategy: How To Choose Keyword for Ranking Optimization

Apr 27 2021

keyword of ASO


Whether it's a mobile game or an app, word selection is one of the most important aspects of ASO keyword optimization. A good keyword strategy will get twice the result with half the effort, while choosing the wrong word will not only fail to achieve the expected results, but may also lead to a waste of advertising investment.


Keywords selection


In the ASO project, keyword selection is usually divided into two separate steps.

  • Metadata (name, subtitle, keywords) set when the word selection, the main purpose is to enhance the number of keyword coverage by selecting words to group words.


  • What keywords to choose for ranking optimization

After completing the ASO metadata optimization, I believe your APP should cover most of the industry search terms, and then you will face a problem, how to choose the keywords for ranking optimization?

keyowords index

Index of the keyword "dating"


Let's practically search for "dating", the top five search results in the Apple AppStore have been occupied by several famous apps, according to the list of the top three applications are estimated to be more than 1500 points per day wall advertising investment, perhaps far beyond your budget, if forced to push hard, it is easy to lose more than gain.

Although the high popularity has been occupied by the giants, but it does not mean that other products do not have the opportunity, next we can first understand: what is the impact of search ranking on the conversion of downloads? For example, how big is the gap between the first and second ranking? The following are the estimated download conversions based on historical ASO data.


ASO data

Yes, the typical 28 principle, the first gain far more than the second, we put the "dating" data at the beginning of the article into the following, we can find that, instead of investing advertising resources to improve the decoration to the Top5, we should optimize other words to the Top1.

According to the above analysis, we can conclude as follows:

ASO word selection strategy 1: due to the ranking of the 28 principles of download conversion, priority is given to words that can be ranked first (competing words generally can not be optimized to Top1, which is prone to complaints, Top2 is possible)


So how to determine whether it can be ranked first?

In the end, what are the factors affecting the ranking of keyword search in Apple AppStore?

The following are the weight estimates that affect the ranking of specific keywords.


keyword of ASO


Therefore, if you compare the search ranking to an exam, the keyword match accounts for 40~60 points, the word search downloads account for 20~30 points, and the overall APP downloads account for 20~30 points. If I am a new app, APP overall download may be hard in the short term, so take high score in keyword match and word search download.

The three products ranked first, second and third not only have the highest keyword match, but also have a significantly higher ranking in the category list (corresponding to the number of overall APP downloads) than the other products, and the combined keyword match and download scores make the keyword ranking naturally higher than the other products.

ASO keyword selection strategy 2: According to the factors that affect the Apple search ranking, preferably select the words with higher keyword match for optimization


After understanding the above two strategies, understand the partners understand that before hitting the volume, should understand the expected return of each relevant word (Top1 ~ To10 search volume), and then the target words as much as possible arranged in the title, then, there are still problems around, which words have how much can get the first?

Here you need to understand a formula: ROI = recovery value / cost input * 100%

Usually in ASO advertising is in accordance with the CPSA billing points wall advertising, through the cash reward for real users to search for keywords and download your application (within 200 search results), is to increase the number of word search downloads that affect the ranking factors. In the above is the ROI calculation formula, the recovery value is the value of real users brought by ASO, the cost input is the advertising cost of CPSA.

The value of real users, the value of the users of each product varies, for example, a hand game, paying users pay an average of 200 yuan, the new registered users pay rate at 10%, in theory, the value of a real user is 20 yuan. cpsa advertising input minimum 100 units, if cpsa 2 yuan, then this break-even point lies in the investment of 200 yuan of cpsa, can bring (200 /If the expected keyword ranking can enter Top1~ Top3, then according to the above ranking on the download conversion rate projection, the keyword estimated search volume of 10~90, search fever of 4615~4695, of course fever > 4695 on the basic stability of the expected revenue.

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ASO word selection strategy 3: according to the user value of the product, select the search keywords to optimize in line with the ROI of input and output


In the actual operation of the ASO project, other factors will be encountered to affect the conversion rate, such as: Apple frequently updates its algorithm, some keywords ranking is locked, competitors maintain keywords with unknown volume, etc. Therefore, in order to avoid risks, it is recommended to select a group of keywords that meet the requirements for ASO ranking optimization. 


A good start is half of success. ASO word selection is an important part of ASO optimization technology, and it is recommended to think about the expected ranking download conversion, keyword matching, and product ROI input as mentioned in the above article.

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