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ASO insight of Match 3 Games: Why Do Players Love Them So Much?

Jan 15 2021

ASO insight of Match 3 Games


With the development of the Internet era and the popularity of smart phones, the game industry has also had a blowout development trend. This also drive the mobile marketing and game in app store growth, more opportunities and challenges have emerged. ASO insight of game marketing become more important then.

Games can be divided into many kinds according to the type, one of them is called Match 3 Games. This kind of game is simple to play, easy to get started, but popular with players around the world, has been in a variety of games in the rankings have long held a seat, we will talk about why Match 3 Games so addictive, and as an app developer or app promoter, what can we do to benefit from the Match 3 Game marketing.

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What are match 3 games?

Match 3 Games is a kind of puzzle game, in which players play a certain amount of the same game elements, such as fruits, gems, animal avatars, blocks of mahjong tiles, etc., so that they are adjacent to each other to eliminate the pair to win. Usually three of the same elements are paired and eliminated, so these games are also called "Match 3 Games".

The interface of Match 3 Games is mainly a chaotic-looking arrangement of game elements, which originated from some games such as Tetris in the late 1980s, and elimination games became popular in 2000 with the spread of puzzle games on the Internet.

What makes match 3 games designs so attractive?

The reason why match 3 games are so popular is that they are very easy to play and require very little familiarization, as long as you know the rules, you can get started immediately.

Low time cost and time killer: The time cost is very low, using fragments of time to play a game, you can always disengage or put in, when waiting for the car, when going to the toilet, you can take out to play two, unlike some games need to spend a lot of time in it, basically will not take up too much work or other time.

Match 3 Games brings the entertainment experience of fragmented time. As the pace of modern society continues to accelerate, players are more fragmented in their use of time, so Match 3 Games is naturally restored by the fact that a game takes only a few dozen seconds to pass quickly. And the game in the elimination and clearance, there will be very obvious sound tips, to further strengthen the players in the game process of the sense of pleasure.

The pleasure of devastation: Match 3 Games brings players pleasure of devastation. This kind of game is through the operation, will not be regular graphics to create a regular look, so as to achieve the effect of elimination. The early Match 3 Games were designed to further stimulate the players' pleasure of destroying the content displayed on the screen through richer graphics, faster pace, and time as the game's victory condition.

App Icons:

app icons of match 3 games

As you can see in the above image of the top 20 match-3 game icons, there are quite a few design strategies floating about. The need to differentiate oneself is important, which is why we see such a wide array of icons.

Levels: A challenge to beat levels and a feeling of accomplishment is what drives the most positive emotions.

Visuals: Many players don’t mind that some games are about the same subject (candies). They enjoy the feeling they have from nice art and interesting levels.

Story: There are many games now that add a story layer on top of the matching mechanics. For instance, Gardenscapes is a great example.

Meta-game: Some games use matching mechanics as a simple yet very flexible mechanics for the core gameplay. RPG games are a great example.

Timing: Some games are timed. New tiles are continuously added and the player is under pressure to make matches before the board fills up.

Untimed (turn-based) games used to be the exception. Which are games where new tiles are added only after the player has made a move. Although, the 1985 game Chain “Shot!” already had an untimed mode. And, the addition of an untimed mode to “Bejeweled!” was integral to that game’s success. As well as one of its most important influences on subsequent games. Because it made the game more accessible to less skilled players.

How to choose an application promotion strategy for match 3 games?

A good ASO strategy is important to increase exposure and relevance. First, maximize keyword optimization. Developers need to understand the theme of their game and the search terms that users are likely to use.

As a game operator, you need to think from the perspective of your target users. Recognizing the user's search behavior is the starting link to build a keyword matrix.


Title and Keywords

Users usually search for keyword phrases of 1 to 3 words. We usually recommend you to use high traffic keywords to describe your game.

Keywords must be present in the game name to increase its visibility in the App Store. The core keywords are reflected in the name and the keyword ranking will improve. Other types of games can use the keywords in the name to overwhelm the competition and bring the ranking results up.



In addition to name optimization, descriptions, screenshots, and videos are equally important to the exposure and conversion of an app. Developers must always consider user receptivity when making optimizations to other elements to reduce user churn.

Descriptions are the most convenient and best used way for developers to detail game content and game settings to users.

The use of relevant keywords in the description will also increase overall rankings and conversions. Developers can also use the descriptions to deliver timely promotions to players and introduce new content to the game. The content of the description should be fine-tuned to the platform on which it is published; the structure of the description differs between the App Store and Google Play.

However, it is important not to pile up keywords in the description, and the App Store has a limit on the number of times keywords can be used in the description.


Screenshots complement the name and description of the game and can be a more visual representation of the game setup.

A fine screenshot is like an attractive advertising poster that easily and quickly grabs the user's attention. Use interesting content when preparing screenshots to attract users, but be careful to differentiate them from the fine display and not to clash images.

Avoid cluttered and difficult to understand content, and the conversion rate will be relatively higher if users can quickly get to the game's content and settings.



The main details to note about the video are that the video content should be attractive and appealing, and pay attention to adding relevant high-traffic keywords to the video thumbnails, which can also help improve conversion.


Metadata and creative elements

Players want to be able to visualize the progress of the game, and this is something that game operations should grasp. The elements that best showcase the game's setup and plot are game screenshots and videos. These visual elements are more likely to drive installation conversions and are easier to optimize.

How will a successful match 3 game design look like in the future?

In game development, it is vital to follow industry trends if you want to create an engaged game with hundreds of thousands of downloads. In other words, you need to know what things work well (and what don’t!) and what features you should include or exclude when creating a match 3 game design.

When trying to find new things to spice up your game, you should be careful not turning it into something that differs too much from the expectations of your audience. You need to find ways to stand out from the crowd and your competitors by bringing something new, but at the same time manage to maintain the familiar core elements your audience is used to love.

Match 3 games need a combination of experience and creativity to result in an easy to learn game, simple to play and which don’t take much of your time to get that addictive feeling of accomplishment.

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