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As a Fresh Start, when Your app Has Just Launched, What Should You Do to Optimize Your app?

Apr 1 2021

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More than 60%-80% of iOS users' downloads come from app store searches, and the top three apps for a keyword search will absorb more than 80% of the users searching.

As we all know, in app stores, the list is an extremely important traffic entrance, and it is also a must-compete place for app promotion. For the listings in the app stores, what should we do to optimize our app in the store?

The growing mobile application market

More and more companies are developing new apps, hoping to get a piece of the mobile business cake and take a place in the mobile app market. Many people originally thought that after the app was developed and uploaded to the app Stores, everything would be fine after a severe audit, but who knows, a war without smoke and mirrors has officially begun.

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Make your app a tailored plan from 0 to 1

How to get the traffic from the app stores is a very important issue for every developer. First of all, we need to know the market environment, whether from the traffic, or payment, App Store is still the current application providers in the NO. 1, it is also the most standardized market, and App Store algorithm stability, on behalf of the effect is stable, can be operated in a larger space.

The first thing you need to do is to do a market analysis to find out the industry to which you are about to do this product, as well as the Top 5 competing products in this industry, the next thing is to find out the keywords that carry the industry, and then make your own current product's vest package database.

ASO search optimization refers to a series of behaviors that developers use the search and ranking rules of the app Store, etc. to improve the exposure and download conversion rate of the app. There are two main purposes of search optimization: to increase the exposure of the app and to increase the download conversion rate.

Exposure" refers to the product's keyword ranking. Generally speaking, keyword ranking in the TOP3 position can obtain a large amount of traffic, and the conversion of these flows is mainly enhanced by optimizing the title, Icon, screenshot information and other visual display information that directly affects the subjective judgment of users.

Is search optimization important to ASO? More than 65% of users get app information through "search", and the top ranking position can get more exposure opportunities, divide more traffic in the market, and have higher conversion rate.


Starting from the overall, how should we arrange ASO in the early stage of app release

In the optimization process, we need to pay close attention to the different factors such as the characteristics of the app, the online period and the iteration, to develop a strategy that matches. Generally we are closely following the development of different stages of the app developed by.

Initial stage

At the early stage of ASO, most apps have less natural volume, so you can optimize the number of keyword coverage to dabble in traffic as much as possible to achieve the purpose of improving app ranking; if apps have good traffic at the early stage, you can focus on industry words, competitor words, etc. on the basis of coverage optimization.

Middle stage

According to the data after pre-ASO, select the words with volume and focus on maintenance. At the same time, continue to focus on industry words, competing words, etc. Through multiple rounds of coverage optimization, further expand the number of effective keyword thesaurus.

Maturity stage

ASO maturity period is the basic conditions have been built, at this time can be based on the original, further improve the effective keyword ranking, while increasing the attention to competing words, popular words, try to expand the optimization from the existing core words, competing words, popular words or user groups and so on.

ASO is one of the important ways to spread app, focusing on optimizing app's brand words can bring considerable traffic to app, so from the early stage of optimization to the mature stage, the position of brand words must be maintained.

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