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Apple: iOS 14.5 Imminent, Developers Need To Get Serious About Privacy

Apr 7 2021

iOS 14.5 new app tracking privacy


Many iPhone users are waiting for the official iOS 14.5 update to be pushed. iOS 14.5 has now been pushed with 6 beta updates, while the official version has not yet arrived.

Of course, before that Apple also pushed iOS 14.4.2 upgrade update is mainly a security update

In Apple's latest beta release of iOS 14.5, in order to strengthen the protection of user privacy, it restricts the collection of user data by apps without user consent. 

In addition, Apple also requires application developers to provide information on what permissions the app requires and what data it collects on the app display page of the App Store, and Apple has also updated the situation of user data collection by iOS apps on Apple's website and the App display page of the App Store, so that you can better understand what permissions Apple uses and what data it collects. 

Apple has also updated the information of user data collected by iOS apps on Apple's website and App Store, so that you can know more about what permissions Apple uses on your phone and what data it collects from you.

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Leaving the choice to the user, say No to app access to personal privacy

Since it has created its own ecosystem and kept it relatively healthy and smooth, Apple is planning to continue to do something in this area.

For example, in the upcoming iOS 14.5, Apple has added more new features for user privacy and security based on iOS 14.5.

Starting from iOS 14.5, Apple has made it mandatory for system apps to request permission to track users, which means developers cannot obtain all permissions from users by default in regular situations.

Some iPhone users have previously said that in the released iOS 14.4 Beta, there has been a prompt about letting users allow or deny tracking.

For example, one user showed a pop-up window whether to ask the user to confirm the tracking activity when the NBA APP is launched. The developer also added that the data will be used to provide users with "a better personalized advertising experience.


How the new iOS app tracking transparency feature works 

Apple has also given a reasonable explanation for this move - the privacy feature allows iPhone users to have more control and knowledge of how their data is tracked and used for advertising.

APP developers, for their part, can have to use prompts to inform users explaining the benefits of enabling the tracking feature. The decision of whether users choose to grant permission is up to the users themselves.

After the official iOS 14.4 push upgrade update, the next one will push iOS 14.5 beta upgrade update up, according to media reports that Apple will further strengthen the privacy and security protection of users in iOS 14.5.

Apple said it will publicly release the next beta version of iOS, possibly iOS 14.5 Beta, in early spring, from which it will require its apps to provide tracking transparency privacy measures.

To mark Data Privacy Day on January 28, Apple also released a new easy-to-understand report called "A Day in the Life of Data," which educates users about "how companies track user data through their websites and apps. At the same time, it also highlights how Apple is making tracking more transparent and giving users more control.

Under the change, all iPhone, iPad and Apple TV app developers will need permission from users to track their activity on other apps and websites and to obtain random ad identifiers, or advertiser identifiers (IDFAs), for their devices for the purpose of targeted advertising or to measure how effective their campaigns are.

When users open an app that they wish to track their activity, a prompt appears with the option to "Allow tracking" or "Ask the app not to track".  In previous versions of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14, developers have been able to add tracking prompts to their apps using the App Tracking Transparency Framework, but this is not required and few apps have voluntarily implemented the prompt.


Preparing for the apple iOS 14.5 privacy requirements 

Apple will prevent developers of apps from accessing users' IDFAs if users choose to "ask the App not to track." Apple says developers also need to respect users' tracking preferences, meaning they cannot use other methods to track users, or their apps could face removal from the App Apple says developers also need to respect user tracking preferences, meaning they can't use other methods to track users or their apps could face removal from the App Store.

Users can manage their tracking preferences on a case-by-case basis under "Privacy > Tracking" in the Settings app in iOS 14.

You can see that Apple is determined to protect user privacy, which is definitely not good news for manufacturers, but still excellent for users.

In addition, no matter how other companies oppose, Apple's attitude is that the decision should be put in the hands of the users. Overall, this measure is a boon for users. The only way to really limit those so-called "rogue software" is to use this kind of mandatory means, right? For the sake of everyone's privacy, the future release of iOS 14.5 is still very recommended to upgrade.

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