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App Ranking Wrap Up: Why Is Your App Ranking Dropping and How to Improve It?

Apr 12 2021

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App’s ranking is a huge headache issue for most app developers and mobile app marketers, app operations teams are all about rankings for traffic boosts and the like, but sometimes what you do, doesn't get you the results you want.

Spend countless efforts on the optimization of the list, but often overnight the bottom and rankings drop, but there is nothing to do.

Why is your app ranking dropping?

App ranking drops happen all the time, while app marketers don't need to panic, there are always more solutions than problems. But before that, you need to understand what are the reasons for the ranking drop.

Change of App Store ranking algorithm

Apple has been using the algorithm to fight with them in order to combat some opportunistic and cheating developers. Every now and then, the algorithm will be changed to disrupt the rhythm of developers with too many small actions, to maintain the normal operation of the rules and ensure fairness. Unlike SEO, there are only a few factors that affect ASO.

Let's say your product is in a rising trend, and then suddenly encounters ranking fluctuations, then it is likely to hit the eye of the gun of the App Store algorithm update. Apple may have adjusted a factor that affects the ranking, so that your ranking activity flop, you must immediately pause to adjust.

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Apps should be eligeable to reach users need

Generally speaking, low quality apps and strong competitors are two parallel factors. If your App suffers from these two problems, it will definitely be a flop. Be optimistic, even if your app is not that bad and still belongs to quality, you still should take it serisouly, after all, there are too many strong competitors.

If your app still has some quality, at least the uninstall rate won't be too high. If your ranking is still dropping, it must be because your competitors are working harder than you, their ASO is more diligent, and their ASO budget is higher than yours.


You didn’t choose the right ASO service provider

Basic ASO to a certain extent is easy to get stuck in the bottleneck, then you can choose a professional agency to help you do intervention ASO, not only the effect is immediate, but also to save your heart, you only need to monitor the results.

It is recommended that you choose several data providers for comparison. After all, the keyword database of each company is different, and the technical level also varies, so it is better to compare three companies if you want good ASO results.

Reliable ASO intervention can not only prevent ranking decline, but also improve the application of brand awareness. ASO World as a professional company providing ASO services, we are the represent professionalism and reliability.

After analyzing the reasons, ASO World provides some ways to make up for or even improve the ranking!


How to improve the App Store ranking


Use multiple traffic sources

If you want to increase the coverage of your product and the download and installation rate, you cannot rely on a single source of traffic. Using multiple traffic sources can help to do a good job of APP promotion more efficiently.

Traffic sources include: Apple App Store, mobile ads, real-time bidding platforms, rewards programs, other growth hacks

The keyword ranking algorithm will consider the number of downloads in the last 7 days, so by getting downloads through multiple sources, the ranking of keywords will definitely be steadily improved.

Combine application and marketing

The marketing mix refers to the best combination and use of factors under the control of the company itself to achieve the goals and tasks of the company in the selected target market, taking into account the environment, capabilities, and competitive situation.

As a team of app developers, you are not looking for users to flock to your app and then leave. You need loyal users, in-app purchases and word-of-mouth advocates. To achieve this, your app operations efforts need to be aligned with your overall marketing strategy.

The popularity of an App also affects its ranking in the app store. Therefore, being able to mingle with users on social media and encouraging them to discuss and recommend your app on social media is a must-do for your operations team. To facilitate users to share your app on social media, you can add social sharing buttons in your app.

Re-optimize the app's page list

We repeatedly emphasize that more than 60% of app downloads come from app store search results. So ASO optimization can't stop.

Optimize the app name, description and ad material, and don't forget to add core keywords to the title, which has the greatest keyword weight. The next step is to optimize and keep optimizing to meet the current new trends.

Understand your users and solve their real problems

An App that is detached from the masses is not a good app. Your App must be able to add value or solve a problem for the user to be considered meaningful.

To achieve this goal, you also need to conduct market research and understand the needs and preferences of your audience. Get a clear personas of your target users and work to meet their needs.

In addition, you need to test your app repeatedly to make sure everything is working. You need to fix bugs and take into account the comments from users.

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