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Home Blog ASOWorld News All iOS 14.5 Updates at A Glance: You Can Unlock Your Iphone with Your Mask On, Small Business and Advertisers May Be Affected Due to The Launching of New Privacy Policy

All iOS 14.5 Updates at A Glance: You Can Unlock Your Iphone with Your Mask On, Small Business and Advertisers May Be Affected Due to The Launching of New Privacy Policy

Apr 28 2021

ios 14.5


After eight beta releases, iOS 14.5 is now officially released! All the new features you've been waiting for, including the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch while wearing a mask, more diverse Siri voices, new privacy controls, more skin tone options for companion emojis, and more are all online!


Unlock your i phone with apple watch


ios 14.5 features


From now on, customers can use the Apple Watch to securely unlock their iPhone when trying to use Face ID in a masked scenario. This new feature is available on iPhone X and iPhone 4. This new feature is available on iPhone X and later and Apple Watch Series 3 and later.


More powerful Siri


ios 14.5 features for aso


In iOS 14.5, Siri no longer offers a default voice, but instead gives users the option to choose the voice they want to talk to when they first set up their device. Users can now choose from a wider variety of English voice options. The new Siri voice uses Neural Text to Speech technology to bring an extremely natural sound. Apple's products and services are designed to better reflect our customers and the world, and these updates further Apple's long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In addition to Messages, Siri now announces incoming calls through Air Pods or compatible Beats headphones and supports calling emergency contacts when iPhone users need help and can't make a call. During the settings process, Siri offers two more diverse voice options and no longer offers a default voice, allowing users to choose the voice they talk to.

More privacy safeguards

App Tracking Transparency requires apps to ask permission from users before using their data. This includes tracking user data from other companies' apps or websites for advertising purposes, or sharing user data with data agents. apps can ask for user permission. In Settings, users can see which apps have requested permission to track and can change their choices at any time.

However, this update focuses on user privacy protection. Starting with iOS 14.5, software will require user consent to track user behavior on software or websites that are not their own, a major change that reduces the risk of commercial use of user data. Apple requires all new or updated software to cooperate with this new "software tracking transparency" policy, and when users install new software, the system will automatically pop up a prompt to allow software tracking.
iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 are now available for download on iPhone and iPad, bringing several quite useful new features. iOS 14.5's most important upgrade and Facebook's most annoying iPhone feature is Application Tracking Transparency (ATT).

All apps that want to collect user data and track iPhone and iPad owners in various apps and services must ask permission before doing so. ATT doesn't stop Facebook, Google or any other company from tracking users, it just forces developers to include permission prompts in their apps.

iPhone users don't need to do anything to take advantage of this feature, but they should know some key tricks to manage ATT on iPhones and iPads. The Verge explains that prior to iOS 14.5, you could tell apps that you do not want to be tracked.

ios 14.5 release

This setting may carry over to iOS 14.5, so the Allow apps to request tracking toggle will be turned off by default. If you turn off "Allow app request tracking" in your privacy settings, you will no longer see alerts from apps that want to track your activity. With this setting turned off, every app that requests tracking will be treated as if you had tapped "Ask apps not to track". 


You can also choose to ask all apps that you previously allowed to track to stop tracking your activity. Or you can allow only the applications you previously allowed to continue tracking your activity.

ios 14.5 New features

This switch is like a main switch that will tell all apps that you don't want to be tracked. If it's disabled on your iPhone or iPad, you can leave it as is. Not all iPhone and iPad users will mind user tracking, especially when it comes to some specific apps. You may not want Facebook to track you everywhere on your iPhone, but there may be some apps you want to provide data to. Or you may want to change your mind about Facebook tracking and favorite apps.

ios 14.5 Affecte Advertisers

When the Ask apps not to track setting is turned on, a list of apps that have requested permission appears, each with its own on/off toggle. iOS 14.5's ATT feature brings this granular control over user tracking. Under "Request not to track apps" a list of apps will appear, each with its own toggle. You'll see at a glance which apps can track your iPhone and iPad and which can't. You can also turn tracking on or off, depending on your preferences.

According to 9to5Mac, some iPhone users have noticed that the "Ask apps not to track" menu has gone gray. The toggle button is off and there is no way to turn it on.

ios 14.5 features for asoers

As mentioned above, this means the iPhone will tell all apps that you don't want to be tracked, and you won't see any prompts in the process. However, if the toggle is grayed out, you won't be able to enable tracking for some of your favorite apps. It's unclear what triggered the problem, and the report speculates that the personalized ads toggle, also found in the privacy settings, may be the culprit.

As for the installed apps, users who want to stop allowing certain software to track them can do the following.

1) Click Settings on iPhone, and then select "Privacy".

2) Click on "Tracking" to open it.

3) If you don't want the software to track you at all, you can turn off "Allow apps to request tracking".

4) If you allow some software to track you, you can turn on "Allow App requests to track".

5) The "Tracking" page will show a list of software that will track you, and you can turn them on or off one by one as needed.


New Emoji

ios 14.5 New Emoji


Users can now choose different skin tones for each of the partner kisses and partner emoji with hearts.

iOS 14.5 introduces an exciting update to the partner kiss emoji and the partner emoji with heart: you can now choose a different skin tone. New emojis have also been added including exhale face, spiral eyes face, face in clouds, burning heart, bandaged heart and more.


ios 14.5 Emoji


Report an incident in Apple Maps

ios 14.5 released features


Maps app users can now simply tell Siri on their iPhone or Car Play car to safely and simply report accidents, dangerous road conditions or speed radar en route. During navigation, users who tell Siri "accident ahead" or "something on the road" can also report that an incident shown on the map has been cleared. This feature is designed to keep drivers hands-free and focused on driving. Passengers can also use "Report a Problem" in Maps to report or clear an incident. In addition, Maps app users can now share their estimated arrival times while walking or biking to inform friends and family, and CarPlay car users can share estimated arrival times via Siri or keyboard controls.

More New Features in iOS 14.5

  • The podcast app has been redesigned to make it easier to start listening; it also offers the option to save and download individual episodes, which can be automatically added to your library for quick access. Search tabs for charts, categories and curated collections help listeners discover new shows.

  • Support for Air Tag allows users to privately and securely track and find important items such as keys, wallets, backpacks, and more in the Find app.

  • The Reminders app adds the ability to sort by title, priority, due date or creation date and offers the option to print reminders.

5G enhancements for iPhone 12 models include improved Smart Data Mode to further optimize the network experience for longer battery life and less data usage.


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