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A Beginner's Guide To Offer Wall

Dec 9 2020

"Offer Wall" is a page that displays various points tasks (downloading and installing recommended applications, registering, filling in forms, etc.) in an application for users to complete to earn points. In addition to "advertising banners" and "interstitial ads", the Offer Wall is another new mobile advertising model provided to app developers by third-party mobile advertising platforms. 


Users can get rewards by downloading corresponding games or applications through the Offer Wall.

Guide to Offer Wall

Principle of ASO Offer Wall 

In terms of the ranking rules in app store, there is no clear conclusion and the rules are constantly changing. The rules which are able to affect the ranking of app are generalized as: downloading volume, daily active volume, good comments, searching results, product quality and so on. Moreover, the weight of each item is also different accordingly. So, the significance of offer wall lies in contributing to the downloading volume for advertisers, which further enhances the weight related to downloading volume. However, regarding offer wall itself, it is very poor in quality (you may refer to the rate of order conversion within offer wall channel, user retention, ROI and other situations in this aspect). The main objective for completing such channel is to rush to the top list. Currently, somebody also does it for ASO purpose. Certainly, we may mention that some capricious CPS do it for more volume. 

Significance of Offer Wall

1. When it comes to the aspect of ASO optimization, offer wall is one of the key means for optimization and promotion. After app is searched, found out and downloaded by practical users with searching keyword, its ranking related to keyword searching results can be enhanced accordingly. 

2. When it comes to app rushing to the top list, the value of offer wall is presented obviously. After app is downloaded for many times, its ranking in list increases automatically.

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Composition of upstream and downstream channels for ASO offer wall


1. Advertisers, namely the app operators 

What must be mentioned is that the app operators are not necessarily the real app owners, since they are also possibly the channels or companies with other business relations which aim at increasing volume by promoting the app on offer wall.

2. Media, namely the offer wall operators 

They obtain a technical platform or a whole set of technical platforms. On the one hand, they are able to undertake advertisements from advertisers and provide services which are respectively advertisement placement, assignment and distribution of relevant task, account verification, settlement and so on. On the other hand, they also obtain a media product for C terminal which is used to attract users and provide them with a series of functions and services including execution of tasks, bonus points, points exchange, recharge and withdrawal, offline invitation and so on.

3. Users, the stimulated users

They are awarded with relevant remunerations after completing downloading, activation, registration and other actions related to app in accordance with the instructions and requirements of the media platform. Commonly, they are students, spare housewives at home, security personnel and others with such occupations.

Quality Assessment


1. Magnitude. 

It includes magnitude of its own platform and magnitude of external platforms. Moreover, the larger the magnitude is, the better the quality will be, but the premise is that the products are in good quality from the beginning. Generally, the quality control for products with their own magnitude will be intensified by the channels, so the quality will be better in this regard. 

2. Composition. 

Offer wall is further divided into online money-earning category, exchanging category, games category, tools category and other categories. Commonly, app within online money-earning category has the worst quality. If  the proportion of online money-earning category is large, the channel may not be in good quality, moreover, cheating will often appear in online money-earning media generally.  

3. User retention. 

It includes retention in a day, retention in a week and retention in a month. The higher the retention is, the better the result will be. But in some channels, there is manual intervention of retention, which requires further concerns. If possible, you may ask the channel to revise the condition for obtaining offer: users are supposed to download and activate app within the current day, then they need to use it for 3 minutes the next day. In this way, the data related to retention in a day will be better, which also benefits to rushing to top list. 

4. CPA unit price. 

The lower the price is, the better the situation will be, which is based on the same quality and quantity. 

5. Quality. 

It includes rate of order conversion, rate of order signing, ROI and so on.  In terms of retention and magnitude, it is possible to realize them by completing relevant tasks, but in terms of payment, it is very hard, especially for those products with high unit price.  

What are the precautions for ASO Offer Wall operation?


Operational matters:


Look at the list. It’s best to watch it every 3 hours to see which apps are on the list and which apps’ positions have changed. Write down these phenomena.


1. Look at the channel. I often look at mainstream offer wall media to see which ones are investing in the offer wall, what unit price, activation definition, etc.

2. Look at the report. Look at natural volume, look at retention, look at order conversion. Look at the relationship between the position of the list and the natural quantity. Find out the problems of the channels through the data, kick out the poor quality channels, and screen out the good quality channels.
3. Anti-cheating. Any pay-for-effect channels such as CPC, CPS, CPA, etc. will be accompanied by cheating, especially large-volume cooperation. Therefore, from the first day of operating the offer wall, it is necessary to understand channel cheating methods and anti-cheating methods, and then need to communicate with technology to make APIs.
4. Others. The new version, new addition, activity, comments, and activities are all important. Try to push the list after the new version is released and pushed on the same day to increase activity. You must pay attention to reviews, and guide users to praise them in various ways. Promotional activities are even better, so that activities can also bring some new additions.
5. Good list effect. It is best to use other activity modes to cooperate with the offer wall, such as buying certain cpc advertisements and some brand promotion.

Channel connection of ASO Offer Wall


Here we will talk about the docking of ASO's offer wall channels in detail. Usually when doing docking, if you have contacted some channels, he may ask you whether you need services such as resetting or clicking on the report activation. If we don't have our own requirements for points, he will not necessarily ask you to do it.


APPLE itself does not have a user's IDFA database, but there is a condition for accessing his/her database. It must integrate the other party’s advertisements in the program. You need to agree to join the Apple Advertising’s IDFA agreement and SDK. If you don’t agree, you must obtain it by force. The user’s IDFA data may face forced removal by Apple, but the user’s data is very important. With this data, we can do the resetting of the offer wall. The resetting and the actions of clicking on the callback are to achieve the best ASO effect. If you don't do this, it will be very effective. The effect will be slightly worse. Everything is about saving costs and maximizing the amount of revenue.

It is important to understand that the offer wall reset is to automatically filter the users who have installed the application to do the task. You must know that many applications are old applications and have attracted a large number of users. Some of them are also done on the offer wall. Extraordinary, but some users have already installed our app.

Many promoters will put their apps on the offer wall, and there may be many places, and there will be many repeated users in these channels. For example,  I am a player of the offer wall, and after earning a fortune on this offer wall, I will go to another offer wall to make another fortune, so I very much need to perform a weighting of the offer wall.

Apple ID will only count the downloading users once, no matter if they have downloaded it before, uninstall it, download it again or use another mobile phone, and then download it from an iPad or other device. In fact, it only counts the weight of one Apple ID. This weight will not get the superimposed calculation, so repeated downloads have no effect. It will have no effect on ASO and waste one of its own launch cost.

As an advertiser, we have to perform such a repetition. The database of our APP back-end will have user IDFA data. The offer wall will obtain the user’s IDFA database when the user registers. At this time, it is necessary to provide the offer wall manufacturer with an interface for resetting the weight. The offer wall will send IDFA data to us in batches through this interface to the database for weighting. If it is our database, this user is already in it, so this task cannot be done.

The interface for weight removal is not difficult. You only need to provide the interface of the website. This interface needs our APP ID to find IDFA data in the APP store. This data is usually separated by commas, and multiple IDFAs are sent to request each time. For weight removal, one thousand or two thousand may be issued, and a huge number will directly ask for an interface, and then continue to perform weight removal.

In conclusion

The offer wall is an important source of traffic acquisition in APP promotion. Through the offer wall operation, the ranking of keyword search results is improved, thereby bringing new real users. Of course, the results of the offer wall operation vary greatly from channel to channel. The operation of the offer wall is a meticulous task, which requires careful observation of the phenomenon, analysis of the reasons, and summary of experience. A good offer wall operation can give full play to the efficiency of the channel and increase the ROI of marketing.


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