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16 ASO FAQs To Help You Improving Your App Keyword Ranking

Dec 9 2020

How to improve ASO keyword coverage/ranking? Our experts have conducted hundreds of tests based on the basic parameters of an APP in the app store. We have summarized ASO keyword optimization strategies from countless successful cases. Here we study related algorithms and effective optimization strategies from 16 related problems.
Improve Your App Keyword Ranking

16 questions allow you to quickly improve your ASO keyword ranking:


1. What is 100 characters?

The back-end keywords added when the Apple developer back-end submits the app for review can total up to 100 characters, so they are called 100 characters.

Note: One English letter counts as one character, and one punctuation counts as one character.

2.Why you can optimize keyword coverage by optimizing 100 characters?

Because Apple’s keyword coverage is mainly through splitting 100 characters and then combining to form coverage. Let's understand how Apple segmentation, that is, the principle of segmentation and grouping of App Store keywords.
App Store will split 100 characters into the smallest units and then group words. For example, if you want to cover the two keywords "WhatsApp Message" and "Telegram Messenger", you only need to fill in "WhatsApp Telegram Message" in the keywords. That's it. The closer the distance between words, the higher the probability of being grouped. For example, "WhatsApp******Telegram******Message" has a lower probability of being grouped than the former ("WhatsApp Telegram Message").

Therefore, it is recommended to put a comma in front of the very important keywords, and leave the other keywords without commas to let Apple divide the phrase words by itself. A full understanding of Apple’s rules can reduce character waste and cover more words.

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3. How to write 100 characters?

Basically follow this step: product and user profile analysis, determine the keyword category, establish a keyword database, arrange and combine and optimize, and increase the localization area.

4. What are the categories of keywords?

Generally include brand words, industry words, core words, long-tail words, competing words, and irrelevant words.

5. What is increasing the localization area?

When submitting 100 characters, you can choose different language regions to add different versions of keywords.

Experience has shown that submitting 100 characters in English UK or English US (choose one of the two), English Canada, English Australia, and Traditional Chinese can also increase the number of keyword coverage in Simplified Chinese.

6. When do you need to add a comma? When do you not need to add a comma?

English needs to add a comma. The comma is to separate the weights of the words before and after it. It can help the keywords before the comma to be effectively covered, but it is not appropriate to add more. Generally, you can put up to 4-5 in one edition.

From top to bottom, they are the first, second, and third versions of 100 characters of an App

7. Can iOS brush praise cover keywords?

Yes, in general, the keywords of medium and high popularity need to be covered by hundreds or thousands of comments, but if it is a big word in the industry, it generally needs to be accumulated to tens of thousands to have a better effect.

8. If all 100 characters of the new version replace new keywords, which is completely different from the previous version, what will be the impact?

In theory, looking at the weight of a keyword, the keyword with low weight will disappear and then reorganize. If the keyword weight is high, it will still exist even if it is not included in 100 characters.

For example, if the word has been maintained on the score wall in a certain period of time, users can basically search for your application through this word. In this case, if your 100 characters are not included, Apple will also judge the word. It has a strong relevance to your application and a protection policy. We collectively refer to it as the weight of the keyword for the application.

100 characters have been greatly updated, and under normal circumstances there will be a certain degree of loss. It is recommended that you retain the important vocabulary that you have covered.

9. What is the difference between the 100 characters of iOS 11 and iOS 12?

At present, in terms of version coverage, the impact of iOS 12's English and Australian on keyword coverage fluctuates greatly, and the others are basically the same. The overall coverage of iOS 12 is smaller than that of iOS 11. It is recommended to optimize the ranking of iOS 11 words first to improve the coverage of iOS 12.

10. What is the proportion of traffic on the search result page under a certain keyword in iOS?

The higher the ranking, the higher the proportion of traffic. Basically, the top ten applications preempt most of the traffic under this keyword.
The attribute of the word should be considered. If it is a brand word, such as searching for "Alipay", the Alipay APP ranked first has the highest traffic; if it is an industry word, such as weight loss, English, etc., the traffic decreases successively from the first place, and the rate of decrease will be smaller.
Also consider the product name, screenshots, and icons. If it looks good and has a high degree of matching, even if it is 3-10, it will bring a relatively high download.

The official statistics of Apple found online are: the first place occupies 60%-70% of the traffic, the second place is 30%-40%, and the third place is 10%-20%.

11. Fill in a certain word in the iOS keyword list, but this word still falls off the list, why?

Fill in the keyword list, only a certain probability can be covered.
If there is no coverage, there are many ways. You can add it in the subtitle, list it separately with a comma, move to the top position, scan the comments, optimize the long-tail word ranking of the word and try a variety of ways to do it cover.
If it has been covered but the ranking is too low, you can use the score wall to flush words (generally limited to about 200), or add comments with keywords to find words.
If you fill in industry hot words, such as "stocks", competition may be fierce. Apple's supervision is stricter, and frequent keyword ranking changes are also common.
If you fill in a competing word, it may take a few more updates to stabilize.

12.How to optimize ASO for the new APP?

You can determine the title, keywords, design appropriate icons and screenshots according to the function positioning. 
The first three versions can first determine the core keywords. If there is a budget, it can be optimized for a small amount.
Pay special attention to using your internal mobile phone, search for brand words and download the app for two days with WiFi turned off, and then comment and manage the comments of seed users.

13. When optimizing keywords, what hot word is more appropriate?

Popularity is not the primary concern, the relevance is the most important.

In a certain industry, core functional words are the main source of search traffic. For example, for a certain educational product, the most popular word covered is "financial management", but the subject-type words need to be optimized, such as "English", "IELTS", "Advanced Mathematics" and other words.

14. What should you do if the keyword popularity is cleared?

The popularity is 0, or it is a term that has not been searched by real people for a long time, or it is officially supervised by Apple.
When Apple monitors, it is generally determined that the popularity of the word is disturbed by improper behavior, such as machine brushing or integral wall, which will regulate the popularity to a certain extent, which is normal. If it is controlled by Apple, it does not mean that no one has searched for the word. Generally, it will be restored after the supervision has passed.
The popularity is just a reference. If the word is very important to the product, then continue to cover optimization even if it is cleared.

15.What should you do if your brand word in Apple APP STORE is invaded by other products first?

1) Write an email to appeal to Apple
Entry: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/appstorenotices/#?lang=zh

2) The legal department of the company sends a letter to the infringing party

16. How to quickly improve APP keyword search ranking? Is the point wall channel safe?

Placing a point wall (search keywords-download demo App) is the current mainstream ASO quick optimization method.
The optimization of the live score wall is much safer than the machine brush. The operation principle of the score wall is achieved through the simulated intentional search of real users. It will basically not be removed from the shelves, but there may be accidental injuries by Apple, such as clearing words and lock list.
It is recommended to adopt the professional ASO optimizer's advice in time when there is a need for rushing to the list or a large number of keywords.
But if the channel you are looking for has a pit, and the amount of running is mixed with most of the fake amount, once Apple finds it, it will definitely activate the penalty mechanism for your application, and the weight of your certain keyword will also be cleared due to the amount of brushing.

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      @Erik Moreno Analyze your current performance to prioritize your keyword research. Explore your competitors' top-ranked keywords and get new ideas. Find gaps and target keywords strong competitors are not ranking on. Read reviews to understand how users describe your app. Focus on keywords that describe your app's functionality. Reply

  • Jeanette Cross
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      @Jeanette Cross An ASO strategy which is a subset of a broader app marketing and growth strategy is a set of ASO tactics that aim to work together to increase an app's visibility in the app stores as well as improving its ability to convert app store visitors to installs and users. Reply

  • Melanie Schneider
    What is Aso strategy? Reply
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      @Melanie Schneider An ASO strategy which is a subset of a broader app marketing and growth strategy is a set of ASO tactics that aim to work together to increase an app's visibility in the app stores as well as improving its ability to convert app store visitors to installs and users. Reply

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      @Simon Wood ASO tool that provides businesses with keyword rankings, competitor analysis, search tracking, market insights, and more. Learn more about APPlyzer. ASO tool that provides businesses with keyword rankings, competitor analysis, search tracking, market insights, and more. Reply

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